Law & Order inquiry

I’m a big Law and Order fan and on just about every show, they refer to someone’s phone records as “L.U.D.S”. Does anyone know what this acrynom stands for? I have asked police officers and phone company employees and they all think I’m nuts. Can anyone help out this crazy island girl?

LUDs stand for Local Usage Details.

another term is MUDs for Metro Usage Details.

Wow, and I always thought is was luGs.

Welcome to the SDMB, Island Gal.

OMG. Thanks so much for the fast response. How the heck did you know this? I am so impressed. Thanks again. IG

My favorite assistant DA was Diana Ross played by Carey Lowell. My lord I think that she is the finest woman ever born!

I preferred Abby “Hang 'em High” Carmichael.

Loved that flinty voice.

Abby scares me. She’s too mean. Diana was the girl next door that got her law degree. Cliche, I know, but I got the illusion that if her character were real, I’d stand a chance of getting with her. I’m sure she could see past the 20 year age difference!

Um… I think you mean Jamie Ross.

Diana Ross was a real person, by the way. Supremely good singer.

  • Rick

As someone’s already corrected, it’s Jamie Ross.

And I think its just the opposite.

Besides Kincaid, the subsequent ADAs have all had a sense of righteousness and “arrogance” and for me, Ross personifies that the most. Actually, even Kincid exhibits it. The executive ADA Moriarity/Waterston retain that but are a touch more flexible. The DAs themselves are more pragmatic and have lost that sense of justice as an end rather than the means. I suppose it’s just natural.

I don’t think I would want to be cross-examined by Diana Ross. That would be scary.

Wow, I am humbled. I can’t believe I made such a horrible error . . . I’ve forever disgraced Carey Lowell and Law & Order. I guess that she’ll have to go find a new stalker . . .

This has got to be the single most commonly asked factual [1]question on the newsgroup and it amused me to see it asked here, too. I wonder if the producers of L&O have any idea what confusion they cause with that one, tiny, endlessly repeated detail.

[1]I say factual to distinguish it from the endless rounds of ‘Who would be your dream line-up of DAs and Cops?’ and ‘Who would you cast to replace X?’)