Laws a mercy. It's a grocery store, not a NASCAR race

I know we started about the same time, to be sure. And then we kept passing each other on the straightaways, so I can see where the confusion came from. Now, when I rounded the corner from the bread aisle to frozen foods, you were stopped, checking out the pierogis that were on sale. I headed around you, but you caught the movement out of the corner of your eye and decided that you had to take off right then, for this time I would not pass you. I’m only going halfway up the aisle to the frozen vegetables, while you’re headed further up the row. But there’s someone stopped in your lane. Oh no! And I’m on the wrong side of the aisle for the vegetables. You see me trying to slide over to the side with the vegetables as you maneuver around the cart in your way, and have to immediately speed up. But I manage to make it over to the vegetables, and you then cross to the side I was in, go to the far end of the aisle and stop.
(I was irritated for a moment while this was going on. Then I started to see the humor in it and got a case of the under-my-breath giggles. Those were only exacerbated when I saw the sign for the sale on Taoster Strudel. I almost bought some, just because of the typo.)