Lawyer sues to block Obama from presidency as a non-native citizen (2)

Not making this up. See here. Text of complaint here.

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I would guess this gets tossed out of court so fast it bounces.

Blithering idiots abound.

I’m still trying to figure out why it makes more sense to make you start a new thread than just removing the offending link/comment.

The “Edit” function is only good for five minutes.

Well, I dunno. It would be a good complaint if the facts alleged were true. Which they’re not. But the court can’t dismiss it because they’re not, without giving the plaintiff a chance to prove them. The law’s funny that way. (Which does not mean the case will go to trial – it could be dismissed before trial if the plaintiff fails to present any evidence that makes out a prima facie case that could reasonably be presented to a jury.)

I’m trying to figure out why this warranted a thread to begin with, let alone two. Dipshit does something stupid; alert the SDMB!

Yeah, but it can’t be that much more work for fluiddruid to edit the post than to lock the thread.

It’s rather stupid to not allow mods and admins unlimited editing power.

It warrants a thread because this stupid dipshit is not acting alone. Like the “Obama is a Muslim” meme, the “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. meme” is persistently and vigorously buzzing around in cyberspace. As such, it needs to be addressed (you may disagree, but the Obama campaign sees it that way – see this GD thread for debate on that point). For an insightful discussion of this particular information-age political phenomenon, see here.

And I will say again that the poll in the sidebar that shows that the majority of those who bothered to respond think Obama is somehow involved in murder is all I need to know about the core audience of that site (and thus how seriously to take the lawsuit therein).

It would seem to suggest that fluiddruid’s mouth says No but his eyes say Yes Yes Yes. “I am required to tell you not to do this. But I’m not required to make it impossible for you to do it anyway.”

I take that as tacit support for the suggestion made in the previous OP.

I’m a girl. In other words, I have a hoo-ha, not a ding-a-ling.

But as mod for The Pit you have to deal with a lot of ding-a-lings, right?

I’ve seen that citizenwells site before. It’s one of the the sites pushing the crackhead who says he gave Obama a blowjob. It’s the fringe of the fringe. People talk a lot about morons posting on the internet, but that site really is representative of the bottom of the bell curve. I’ve read enough of it to almost start feeling sorry for the people who post there. They’re so dumb it’s hard to even be angry at them. They’re so gullible and naive, they’re like children.

I wonder how the RICO case against Bush is working out.

The plaintiff’s motion for a temporary restraining order was denied (sorry, no link – I looked it up on the Pennsylvania US District Court’s PACER). I’d think this would be a good case for the judge to use Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 to make an example of the plaintiff – award defendant’s attorneys fees, at least.

Like much shit being flung about at both candidates, please ignore the stupid monkeys.

We have unlimited editing power. Not to speak for fluiddruid, but we prefer not to use it unless we have to, which is why we have rules against using the board to start campaigns and against posting complete copyrighted song lyrics, for example, instead of just removing them all ourselves.

NY Times: McCain’s [Panama] Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out