Lawyer: Trauma drove woman who cut off man's penis

"The defense attorney for a woman charged with severing the penis of her estranged husband said she “had a break from reality” the night of the attack.

“She’s a shattered woman who tried to do the best she could,” Frank Bittar, public defender for Catherine Kieu, said during closing arguments Thursday."

I am wondering how much sympathy there is for the woman vs sympathy for the man among Dopers?

I had a lot of sympathy for the man until I read “He said that was compounded by her husband who constantly demanded sex in ways that put her in pain”. Then my sympathy dried up completely.

I only have sympathy for the lawyer. We have all been handed hopeless briefs. The couple? They deserve each other.

I’d have to know whether or not he really abused her or if that’s just the excuse she decided on before I know how much sympathy to feel for the man.

As for the woman, what she did looks more like cruelty than anything else; if she was scared enough to use a knife on someone with premeditation she logically should have just killed him. Leaving him alive but mutilated seems like the act of a woman who didn’t expect retaliation from him; it looks like hatred or possibly sadism not fear drove her.

I can understand that there is a chance she suffered a psychotic break and attacked the body part that had caused her lots of pain. It would take A LOT of convincing arguments and evidence for me to accept it, but I admit there is a chance that that is what occured and that I would believe it.

Much more likely for me to believe is that she inflicted the damage in a rage. I feel so sorry for that guy. No matter what he did, mutilating someone else is sickening. And if the prosecution is correct and she did it due to jealousy and the threat of divorce, I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail, never being released. That’s a horrific thing to do to another human being.

So, without having all the facts, my initial reaction is horror at that being done to someone, and wanting to see justice served. If he was a horrible torturer and she had a psychotic break after years of abuse, I would have less sympathy for him and more understanding of her, but still unable to condone the act. She didn’t HAVE to do that to him - she could’ve made another choice.

…like the back of a Volkswagen?

He asked for a divorce, she did the typical violent-controlling-abuser thing and hurt him. Then made up lies to get away with it. Like Lorena Bobbitt, who was sexually unsatisfied, that’s the closest thing to a coherent motive she had when initially arrested, then suddenly decided she’d been raped and muddied the waters enough to get off effectively scott-free, and briefly become a fixture on the talk-show circuit.

This guy could have easily bled to death from such a wound. She tried to be judge, jury and executioner of this man and you wonder if we feel sympathy for her? :confused: Is painful sex a crime worthy of a death sentence. Wasn’t it enough that he started having sex with someone else and was willing to go thru a divorce.

Zero sympathy for her her.

Just from reading that article, she sounds like an abuser who retaliated against her husband for filing divorce. Her defense is that she had a psychotic break? She drugged him, which requires premeditation and problem solving. That is not consistent with a psychotic break.

Considering how amputating his penis is far, far more psychologically damaging than, say, losing a couple of fingers, I would be fine with her being sent to prison for life.

I, too, suffer from occasional sympathetic dryness.

Yes, I feel sorry for the guy. It wouldn’t matter whether he’s a painful sexist or rapist or anythingist. No human deserves to have their genitals forcibly and involuntarily removed. They don’t even do this at Gitmo.

This is probably my biggest fear and likely is for many men. I cannot even imagine the pain. I wouldn’t want to live if this happened to me.

Lock her up and throw away the key.

No sympathy for her at all. Life in prison for her would be OK by me.

Here’s a couple more pieces from the same news source:

Sounds premeditated to me.

She sounds like a complete psycho. Lock her up.

(Look at it the other way around – if this were a case of a woman abusing a man, would it be okay for him to cut off her breasts? )

There was a similar story here where a wife cut off her guys dick and threw it out the window.

It hit the windscreen of a passing truck.

The passenger in the truck said “Jesus, did you see the size of the cock on that bug!”

Lock her away until his penis grows back.
What, it can’t grow back? Well then lock her up and throw away the key.

I’m appalled that there are women who think that this is somehow not horrible, and I’ve encountered women who make jokes about cutting off a penis. Yeah, there are disgusting people who do disgusting things with their genitals, but cutting them off isn’t the response, getting the hell out is.