LAX Airport - What IS that thing?

What is the building in the middle of LAX Airport that shows up in so many set-up shots on bad TV shows? It’s white with 2 arches over the top, and looks like it might have been a leftover set from the Jetsons live-action movie before they gave up and made it a cartoon.

Speaking of which, since a whole lot of much-crappier old shows have been made into similarly-crappy movies lately, why not give the Jetsons a shot?

It’s the contrl tower, I believe.

It’s a restaurant.

It’s a building that contains a restaurant. It used to be called The Theme Building.

I believe it has a slightly different name now.

I doublechecked and it’s still called The Theme Building. The restaurant inside it is called “Encounter”.

The control tower is relatively new and does have a curved top to it. The old one was flat on top.

There is also a set of sculptures that have a series of different colored lights illuminating them. It is not extremely popular with art critics or airport users who faces a lot of construction delays while these things were being put up.

It’s a restaurant now, but when it was built (early 60s I think) it was quite innovative.

I’ve eaten their once, I believe, in the late sixties.

One point that has not been mentioned is that it rotates inside, so you get a view of the whole airport while you eat.

Huh. Learn something new every day.