Laxx,Switzerland - how is Laxx pronounced ?

A simple one I hope. Of course I want the French pronunciation, though Germand an Italian would be interesting too.

I’ve also seen the name written as Lax’x. Was this an error?

I did not find a township named Laxx in Switzerland. There is, however, a Laax (postcode 7031) in Grisons and a Lax (postcode 3994). Which one do you mean?


Odd, do a google on Laxx Switzerland and you will get many hits. It was the name of a piece of music written by Rick Wakeman in 1976, on a soundtrack for a
movie about the Winter Olympics (movie was never made/completed).

Laxx may be a resort, not necessarily a township. I was hoping a Swiss doper would come through.


I may have been the victim of a misspelling. Seems like its supposed to be


I guess the French pronunciation ought to be lahks , the double XX threw me.

Still, any locals want to weigh in please do!