LCD Monitor: Discombobulation & Diagnosis (Green 'channel' died)

Yesterday afternoon, I returned home from school, and booted up my ol’ “Motherhship” desktop. It’s a ca. 2003 Gateway, with an LCD flatpanel monitor about as old. I noticed it had a distinctly ugly orange hue to it when I fired it up, so I messed with the controls to no avail. I checked the connections, opened and re-seat the video card (which I would assume would either work perfectly fine or not at all), ran a virus scan, and even rebooted a couple of times.

This morning, I got into the display settings, and started futzing with the red, green, and blue channels–red and blue worked, but green didn’t adjust anything. Thus, I figure the green channel “died”. Even though I’m still using the monitor to type this OP.

So, A) Can this happen, or is there something else I ought be looking for? I figured a screen/video card would just completely go kaput before losing individual channels. Can flatpanel screens really just burn out? B) Is there anything I can do short of buying a new monitor?

FTR: The screen is still very ‘orange’, with reds showing up as either adobe or mud brown. Green items just show up as grey. Some items also appear ‘over red’. I’ve tried turning up the green all the way, but the red items (such as close buttons) appear bright red and/or invisible, and green is just . . . well, a faded grey. Oh, and it’s Windows XP.

“Futzing”: a highly technical process of diagnosis and experimental cures reserved only for the highly trained, or the highly inexperienced.

How does the monitor behave when it is not connected to the computer, like in its disgnostic mode or when adjusting color temperature, etc. I know you said you adjusted the color channels but did you do this from your PC of from the monitor’s control panel?

Also try a different video cable. It’s possible that the wire carrying the green data is broken.

Equally, check the pins on your current cable and see if one is bent.

Strangely, when I disconnected the video cable but left the power on, the “Standby, checking signal” screen appeared, and the red, blue, and green blocks looked. . . perfectly red, blue and green.

:scratches his head: The cable looked fine, and all of the pins did as well–of course, this doesn’t rule out a break somewhere on the line though.

Would the card be bad? Like, a green channel chip or something?


Don’t know about the Green Chip, but if you have another cable, try that. If it’s normal, then it’s the cable.

If you have another PC, try the current monitor and cable with that. If it’s good, then it’s the card.