LCD Monitor slow to power up (dim/flickering) then works fine

By the way, I just found something amazing for all of you still havin this problem out there! This one kid posted this, and it works!

Adjust the brightness level down to like 1 for about 5 minutes and the flickering completely stops! Then I turned it back up to 50 about 5 to 6 minutes later and, no more flickering at all!!!

Any Pros wanna weigh in about this and what it for sure is after reading that?

I believe that would be a typical indication of failing capacitors. Which would confirm what people here have been suggesting as the cause.

Sorry, I lost track of this thread.

Someone on another forum posted a detailed guide to dealing with this particular problem, so check that out.

I haven’t actually tried it yet (I lost track of that thread also until now) but it seems like it’d work.

I’m not sure how these things are related. Your computer power supply doesn’t affect the operation of the monitor. You also are very unlikely to need to replace it - Corsair makes good PSUs and 650 watts is more than adequate for everyone except people doing fairly extreme stuff.

hi i have a 19" lcd tv, when its cold i power it on and i get now backlight, now if i unplug the inverter while the power is on, i get a flicker then after a few attempts at this, i get backlight, and it then stays on no problem, but if i leave the tv off over night, i have to repeat the process, can see any bad caps, and ive replaced the high voltage caps on the inverter board?? any ideas?