Le Tour de France without Monsieur Lance

I only follow cycling for 3 weeks a year. Who is the favorite this year? Has Ullrich’s time come and gone? Basso must be on the short list. Does Hincapie have a chance?

In any case, I’m looking forward to having my morning coffee in the company of Phil, Paul, and the inimitable Mr. Roll.

Basso, Basso, Basso! Unless it’s my personal underdog with no real chance, Tom Boonen. Or my Superunderdog with no chance but a family name, Axel Merckx.
Hincapie… maybe.

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I assume these odds are payouts on one dollar bet.

Basso I 2.10
Ullrich J 3.50
Vinokourov A 7.00
Valverde A 9.00
Landis F 15.00
Cunego D 21.00
Popovych Y 21.00
Kloden A 34.00
Mancebo F 34.00
Menchov D 34.00
Rasmussen M 34.00
Contador A 41.00
Evans C 41.00
Hincape G 41.00

Wonder what the ratings hit will be.
Will it be shown on broadcast TV? (not ESPN 42)

My orediction: eve thogh he isn’t in it, the Frech press will still accuse Lance of doping.


Memory serves and Google confirms that CBS did an hour long highlight show on Sundays the last couple of years. Can’t say if that’ll happen this year or not. OLN has daily live coverage for those with more than the most basic cable tier…and bless them for it.