Leahy: Cheney told (majority) Pub senators they were "not allowed to issue subpoenas"

WRT to investigating the legality of the warrantless-wiretapping program. Story here.

Is this an unconscionable violation of the separation of powers, or just an example of very effective party discipline?

Right now it’s only the latter. Unless there are some legal repercussions from the White House after the subpoenas were issued, then it’s just the VP’s management style - forceful, direct, with his attitude of “I know what’s right and you don’t”

It is clear evidence that the Republican-led Congress were even bigger pussies that the current Democratic leaders.

Huh? Why would you call the GOP Congress a bunch of pussies? That doesn’t make any sense to me. They supported the administration and its policies and rode their coattails to success in 2002 and 2004, why would they make a fuss? The Dems supposedly don’t support Bush and friends, or just a weaker version perhaps, so when they give in that does indeed make the Dems pussies. If the Dems wish to continue the policies of the GOP Congress in lockstep they may as well just switch parties and stop giving those silly speeches.

It’s an indication that The Dick thinks he is above the law.

Of course they are allowed to issue subpoenas! He simply is under no obligation to pay any attention.