Learning to like actors who were creeps the first time out

So I’m watching “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” again and I am wondering if anyone had a bad taste about Louise Fletcher for about five minutes after viewing this film.

Hey, after that we had “Flowers in the Attic”, a true incestuous theme. Now I am not saying Fletcher has not done worthy acts, she has. I’m just saying that I cannot picture her as anything more than Nurse Ratchid.

Am I alone? Is anyone else thinking of a certain actor as is, and cannot imagine anything else?

They say that Larry Linville was a great actor. I have only seen him in one memorable role.

I can never get beyond Dylan Baker as the child rapist in Happiness.

I’m also afraid that Jackie Earle Harvey – forever Kelly from Bad News Bears – has now become Ronnie from Little Children

I don’t know how you can discuss Cuckoo’s Nest in this regard and not think of Brad Dourif.

I got halfway through Deadwood before I realized Doc was Wormtongue. Then we watched one of the Chucky movies (well, my sister watched it and I sat and cringed) and I kept thinking how familiar the voice was. Darn near dropped my teeth when I saw the credits.

I have a hard time seeing Kiefer Sutherland as the good guy in “24.”

Anybody who saw Shane as a first-run movie in the early 50’s probably spent a decade or longer getting used to the fact that Jack Palance could play a sympathetic character. His Wilson was among the most convincing bad guys that he may have been too convincing for his own good.

I have a humongous crush on Christopher Walken, but when I first saw him in At Close Range, he gave me the heebie jeebies.

My first expsoure to Bradley Cooper was “Wedding Crashers” where he played asshole boyfriend.

I tried to watch his comedy series “Kitchen Confidential” and couldn’t get past his character in “Wedding Crashers.”

I first saw (noticed?) Dourif in Chaindance.

The best line I remember from that movie is after the Cerebral Palsy-stricken, wheelchair bound Dourif survives being in the vicinity of a gunfight tells his health care provider (the one who was part of the gunfight), “Hey asshole! I think I shit my pants!” Brilliant stuff!

Sorry, about as wrong as you can get. I read that and I thought “Brad Dourif was in Cuckoo’s Nest? No way! As who?” The funny thing is, I saw that movie just last week, and wondered who played Billy. I looked it up and said “Holy crap, that’s HIM?!?”

I finally have a context to share this story. I went to the movies one night and sitting behind me was Brad Dourif. After the movie, I wandered over to the video store next door…inside was Brad Dourif browsing movies…and playing on the tvs in the video store… Seed of Chucky.
It was well into the movie so I don’t think the store staff thought “Hey, let’s put it on and see what his reaction is!” I think it was an odd coincidence. That or he had stopped into the store before going to the theater and the staff put in the Chucky movie after he left and didn’t expect him to come back in.

Just about everything I have seen Jeffrey Combs in has crept me out. Dr. West in the Reanimator movies? Creepy. The FBI agent in The Frighteners? Creepy. Most of his various alien roles in Star Trek? Creepy. The remake of House on Haunted Hill? So creepy I can’t watch it.

But I am a fan of his. When I met him once at a Trek convention a few years ago, I was surprised that found him attactive. He’s really kind of cute in real life!

Anyone else remember Ben Affleck in Mall Rats?

It was the first time I’d seen him and he is forever Shannon Hamilton to me.

I still haven’t been able to get over the hideousness of David Thewliss in Total Eclipse. I think Naked would only cement the feeling, if I understand correctly.

I was so disturbed by John C. McGinley as the psycho murderer/rapist in Intensity that I could never really give him a chance until Comedy Central picked up Scrubs and had it playing eight times a day. Eventually I got into the show and actually really like Dr. Cox, but it took a long time for that to happen.

My mom is still trying to deal with seeing Mark Harmon as anyone but Ted Bundy. I knew who he was before he did that, so I didn’t get the same association.

The guy from Beastmaster?

Wait, that was Marc Singer. Nevermind then.

What I think is really funny to think of is the Beastmaster being an alien-fighting journalist in V. Where’s his beast-control now, huh?

The first movie I saw Billy Bob Thornton in was Sling Blade. It was a while before I could get used to seeing him as a lady’s man and so forth.

Eric Roberts, he is the creepy sleazy boyfriend in Star 80 forever.