Least expensive IIS server SSL certificate company that IE automatically trusts?

I have an IIS server.

I want to install an SSL certificate on it so that I can allow https connections.

I could self-certify. But then my users would get a little pop-up box saying that they have not chosen to trust BRICKER INC. Heartbreaking, is it not? Everyone should trust me. But I digress.

SO off I go to check out Verisign. They want $349 for a 1-year certificate. Hmm. OK.

Then I check out Thawte. They want $199 for a 1-year certificate.

Both of those companies are installed automatically in IE; their certificates are trusted by everyone.

So my question is… if the first two companies I check have such a difference in price, what’s the CHEAPEST… er, the least expensive company on the list?

And why such a difference in prices?

  • Rick

In IE select the “Tools” menu then “Internet Options.” Then select the “Content” tab, then click the “Publishers” button in the “Certificates” section. Select the “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” tab.

This will give you a list of all the companies that I.E. trusts by default.

The cheapest may be www.freessl.com, which uses the “UTN - USERFirst - Network Applications” root. They have a $39 certificate that purports to be recognized by %96 of browsers (I.E. 6.0 recognized it).

We got our last from GeoTrust - $149 for a one-year basic; they’ve got multi-year purchase discounts too.

There were some cheaper companies when I was looking a few months ago, but they all seemed kinda squirrelley for one reason or another (don’t really remember details), so we didn’t use them.

Google for “ssl certificate” and you’ll get tons of links.

My best guess is: because some people will pay that much, but many don’t want too. Why buy a Rolex instead of a Timex - they both do the same thing?

You rock!

I installed this one and it works like a champ.

Thanks much.