Least Favorite Illness symptoms

Sore Throat and headache.

Headaches completely destroy my focus, and Sore Throats are constant discomfort.

Yes, I’m sick right now.

I hope it’s not Strep.

Strep throat is the devils gift to humanity. For four days you can’t swallow, and every time you do, it feels like white hot razor blades. I f*cking hate Strep.

Fever’s suck too.

I hate vomiting. It’s almost a phobia, I loathe and dread it so much. But yes, sore throat and headache are pretty darn awful in their own right. Hope you feel better soon.

I can abide most any illness, and usually flat-out refuse to go to the doctor; not because I hate doctors or because I’m a tough guy or anything, it’s just such a hassle and seldom necessary, in my experience. Most illnesses resolve themselves in a few days if I just ride them out.

However, I am the world’s biggest baby when it comes to a sore throat. I run to the doctor in a panic at the first sign. I hate sore throats SO much.

My significant other is extremely susceptible to strep for some unknown reason; he comes down with it several times a year, and in fact has it right now. I’m usually able to dodge the bullet, but of course I’m on edge and hyper-aware of every little sensation in my throat until he’s better.

Whenever I get sick, it’s usually starts as an inner ear infection. The ear aches are bad, but it also screws with my balance.

CG, sorry you’re ailing.

What I hate the most is the overall weakness some illnesses hit you with. The kind where you have to struggle to hold your arm up long enough to drink a glass of water.

And when I get a sinus infection, every step I take sends a shockwave through my skeleton to reverberate in my painfully stuffed sinus, where a thousand tiny dwarves with pickaxes are trying to knock my top teeth out from their roots. That’s no fun.

Having just spent most of last week with a intense headache and neck pain so bad that I couldn’t even sleep I would tend to agree with headache right now. However, if I had had a sore throat or vomiting I would say that those were my least favorite. Then again, I can’t really say that I have a favorite symptom, so they’d all pretty much be the “least favorite”.

Personally, I hate the squirts more than anything mentioned so far. But being sick sucks no matter what the ailment.

Hope you feel better soon, CG.

Sorry that you’re ill Candid

Personally I can live with headache & sore throat, what I detest is having blockage of the nose/sinuses - particularly when trying to sleep.

Nausea. If I’m going to puke, I want to puke and get it over with. Nausea is just some frickin’ critter’s or virus’s way of screwing with you. “I’m going to make you puke sometime in the future, but I’m not going to tell you when!”

Plus, when you finally do puke, you’re almost thankful. One should never have to feel thankful for puking.

And if you end up not puking then, well, WHAT THE HELL WAS ALL THAT STEENKING NAUSEA FOR?!

Dizziness and bad headache are my least favorite followed by a churning stomach. Other types of pain, like a sore throat I can handle quite well.

CG, I hope you feel better soon!

My least favorite symptom is nausea because I have a horrible gag reflex. So I end up making a bed next to the toilet for hours because I never know when it will really be something coming up. Sore throats are one of the worst, too, because everything tastes so nasty when you swallow, not to mention it hurts. Headaches are definitely not fun, but I am so used to having them all the time, it’s become just a natural pain.

My least favorite is sensitive skin. I get sensitive skin so matter what the illness is. It hurts my fingertips to type, it hurts to blink, my hair hurts. I really hate it when my hair hurts.

Next would be nausea. (Warning: vomit talk here) I had a bad head injury when I was 5. It led to 4 days and nights of almost constant puking. Ever since then, I am almost incapable of puking. I’ve only done it twice in the last 19 years. I’ve been so queasy that I’ve even tried sticking things down my throat. Nothing works. So, when my stomach is upset, I have to deal with it. I can’t get rid of the crap that’s in my stomach so I stay sick longer. The only thing I’ve found that makes me puke is the flu. I’ve had it twice in my life and I get so out of it that my brain doesn’t have the power to fight the vomiting urge.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope it doesn’t last long.

I hate to throw up. Above everything else my body could do, that’s the thing I try to avoid most. I even quit drinking because it makes me throw up. In the past umpteen years, the only times I’ve thrown up were from eating fast food that sat long enough to grow bacteria on it, and I got food poisoning. Now I don’t even do that anymore. Ugh! Just, ugh!

I don’t go to the doctor, either. Not because I hate them, it’s because I am almost never sick. This year, so far, I’ve had one cold, last month. The doctor would tell me to take Contac C and drink lots of fluids. So I did, and saved $75 or whatever he charges for an office visit. I don’t even know, it’s been so long since I was there.

Aww… well, thanks for the sympathy, folks. Sore throat’s tapered off a bit since morning - it’s probably not strep, despite the mild fever I had yesterday.

congodwarf - these patches of sensitive skin - is that a common symptom of something? Because I get those quite frequently, with an absence of other symptoms.

Nausea’s another not-fun symptom - don’t like to throw up, and don’t like to feel like I’m about to, either… though usually when I get nausea, I’m able to resist the actual vomiting phase.

I think my favorite symptom is coughing, if it’s not one of those painfully dry coughs. I can tolerate coughing for a while.

I am so heartily in agreement with you on this one…I hate not being able to breath. I would rather deal with nausea and chundering than a stuffed nose, and I hate vomiting=(

Why is it when you get into a full session of upchucking, it seem s like you are chundering out everything you have eaten in teh past week? I swear, last time, all I had to eat was 2 small bowls of chicken congee, and my output filled the bottom of a 20 quart stockpot to about an inch deep…I swear I saw my liver slither out and join the mess=\

[if i am nauseous, I normally can make it to the bathroom, but I always put something in the bedroom just in case, and it was the first thing I could lay hands on. Stainless steel sterilizes nicely too=)]

I don’t know if it’s a symptom of something. I get it when I’m actually sick and it covers my whole body. My fingertips do occasionally get aggravated from the feel of the the raised spots on my J and F keys.

I agree with you on the coughing. It’s the one symptom that makes other people want you to stay home. I can be totally healthy but have a cough and everyone assumes I’m sick. So, I can go home and not feel guilty. It’s better than having my coworkers avoid me like I have the plague.

I was going to say…that’s easy! Vomiting! Then I thought, no, it’s the pain from a urinary tract infection! Then…no, I know! It’s the sensitive skin thing congodwarf mentioned! So I don’t know. They’re all bad. Oh, yeah, and diarrhea ain’t no picnic either.

All of the above nastiness, I agree, is pretty bad. I’ll add to the list a personal least favorite: really bad chills, you know, those bone-wracking, aching chills that make you feel like you will never feel warm again. Nothing warms you up, not electric blanks, not hot baths, nada. However, once when I had a bad case of chills during a flu, it was a sweltering August day, so I put on a swimsuit and went and laid out on the baking hot patio concrete. That was the only time I ever managed to warm myself up during a chill. Boy, did it feel good! However, when I returned to work, I’m sure everyone thought I had been faking it, since I sported an impressive sunburn . . .

I can deal with anything but nausea. Anything that makes me feel like I can’t eat is a curse.