Least Favorite Living Female Madness: Final Round

At last, the moment has arrived. This is the thread which will determine who is the Least Favorite Living Female (as determined by the six or so members of this board who will bother to vote).

The rules started simple and have remained so. Pick the person who is your least favorite.

Ann Coulter (Political commentator)
Sarah Palin (Former governor and vice presidential candidate)

Ann Coulter (Political commentator)

Really hard. But not all that hard after all.

Sarah Palin. Going to Alaska next week. Thankfully no where near her.

Somebody else vote and this is going to end in a 1-1 tie.


Well, the masses have spoken and we can put this to bed.

By a decisive 2-1 margin, Sarah Palin has been declared to be the Least Favorite Living Female.

Proof Positive! The Mass has spoken!

Applause for you Little Nemo for sticking with this losing cause in spite of the intense lack of interest! :smiley:

Wow- the worst women in the world are a Republican governor and a Republican columnist.
Who ever could have predicted THIS?
Besides, y’know, EVERYONE?

Don’t blame the poll. Blame voter apathy.


Ann Coulter