Least likely radio sports

A few weeks ago, my local sports radio station broadcast the Masters. Not surprisingly, golf is pretty much impossible to follow on the radio. Then I remembered this station also broadcast Olympic ice dancing (!). What sports have you been genuinely surprised to hear on the radio?

Novel writing form Dorchester? Tennis, particularly doubles, is usually pretty stultifying.

Track and Field. Especially the 10,000 meter run.
“They’re making another left turn!”
Or is that NASCAR? :smiley:

I would have once thought NASCAR would be pointless to listen to on the radio, but once on a twelve-hour drive, I was bored enough to give it a shot. It was actually way more entertaining than on TV. On TV it’s just a bunch of cars going in circles, and sometimes one passes the other and sometimes they crash. But on the radio they are giving you a good description of what’s going on with regard to strategy and whatnot. It was much more engaging than any time I’ve tried to watch NASCAR.

Back in 1994 I tried listening to a World Cup soccer match on the radio while driving across the California desert. I like soccer, but this was dreadfully dull.

Auto racing radio broadcasts can be surprisingly engaging if the producers know what they’re doing.

I can’t imagine that bowling would be at all interesting on the radio.

It’s up to the announcers. Good announcers can turn a dull baseball game into something exciting.

Tons of exceitement. If you’re watching it, then it’s just a pitcher’s duel, scoreless in the seventh.

Also see Reagan’s favorite anecdote bragging about how good a liar he was.

And it’s more interesting if you watch it?

Darts. Seriously.


Cricket is great on the radio. Test Match Special from the BBC is one of the finest sport programmes on the planet. It can be very eccentric though, but in a good way.

High diving
Synchronized swimming
Shot Put
Any and all of the X-Games

Chess, bridge, poker or Scrabble.

Do keep in mind that one of the most famous radio acts of all time was a ventriloquist and his dummy.

A ping pong match.

Sky diving
Ballroom dancing

I never understood how boxing was one of the big draws in the golden age of radio, but it was. I remember seeing a photo of people listening to a Joe Louis fight in the forties, and they wore three piece suits and cocktail dresses.

The student radio station at The University of Alabama used to broadcast the gymnastic meets. I’m not sure if they still do.