What, for you personally, is the dullest televised sport?

If you mean any sport, then golf is the perfect soporific for me. Watching a good chess match od more exciting to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t play and can’t appreciate the intricate strategy.

And who was it who said that baseball is a sport where 15 minutes of action is packed into 2 hours? Gotta agree.

Bass fishing.


Auto racing (other than NASCAR.)

Soccer, followed closely by hockey.

Basically, any sport where a final score of 1-0 isn’t an uncommon finish.

In the Winter Olympics, I’d say longer distances of speed skating are the cure for insomnia.

Motor racing

For me, it’s bass fishing followed closely by golf. Plus several activities that are often classified as sports that I just can’t get myself to call sports: Poker, Gymnastics, Ice Skating.

And I despise golf far more than any of the rest because it is on TV all. The. F***ing. Time.

Bah. All of these, except maybe long-distance speed skating, actually have something that happens every few minutes.

I nominate marathon.

“Let’s see… they’re running. Cool.”

half an hour later:

“Hm… still running. Okay.”

half an hour later:

“More running…”


Golf is #1 for me too.

Followed by Nascar which has to be worse than marathons. Cars driving a track - half an hour later… still circling. At least marathoners actually go somewhere so that the scenery around them changes.

The only thing more boring than golf on the radio is the Marlins on TV :wink:

Sgt Schwartz

In no particular order, football, golf, auto racing, fishing, and tennis.

I’m going to hate myself in the morning for saying this because I know I can’t trust you people, but I am So Very Pleased that this thread has been alive a whole hour without someone bringing up bowling. :slight_smile:

This is probably because my wife hasn’t seen the thread yet, because she’d have been the first to nominate it. Jakeline literally falls asleep every single Sunday when I watch the PBA broadcast.

Golf, horse racing, tennis, darts. Basically any sport that the BBC shows for three hours straight.

I used to say golf, before I learned (theoretically; don’t ask me what my handicap is) how to play. Now it can be interesting, if I’m in the mood. Same with poker.

I suspect that most people name a sport that they don’t understand or appreciate in general. For instance, basketball, to me, is just a bunch of tall (grossly overpaid) guys in shorts running back & forth throwing a ball around. I have no concept of strategy. And I frankly could not pay attention if someone tried to explain it to me. It’s a big “who cares” to me. Same with NASCAR (except they don’t wear shorts, run back & forth with a ball, etc.).

Chess, golf and pool, in no particular order.

Golf. Definitely golf. I’d rather watch paint dry.

Even the thought of golf on TV brings back memories of endless afternoons when I was a kid, waiting for the golf game to be over so I could watch Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The quiet commentary, the polite applause, the panning over the greens and fairways, the interesting segments–always far too short, alas–describing the host city and the history of the course… all of it was horrible to a fast-paced ten-year-old.

Football. It bores me to no end. It often looks to me like they aren’t even trying very hard in the pro games (college, however, they do put all they can into it, probably so they can get the fat check some day). Plus, I hate the players, hardly a single one with any integrity or morality. Finally, the way people worship football players aggravates me to no end.

I know those last two points don’t necessarily qualify as making the sport more “dull,” but I’d rather watch any other sport. Because the game of football really is exceptionally dull to me, even if I did like the people who were playing it.

Anything except pool. Of course that’s the only game that I care about and can get the various strategies when watching.

I agree. Shall we rephrase it like “What sport do you like to play or watch in person, but on TV it’s coma-inducing?”

I can understand those who say golf, but I understand the appeal of cricket, and it’s a similar pacing. I’d say anything that involves individuals against the clock, such as skiing (to be topical). Then again, I’m biased, because I’ve watched whole F1 qualifying sessions. And hey. Hal Briston, there’s a reason we spend the whole time singing :stuck_out_tongue: