Least romantic Valentine's Gift EVER - I win

I’m so glad you left him. He didn’t deserve you

Wow. I’m so, so sorry.

One thing I’ve learned in my time on this Earth is … when there are this many unconscionable indecencies in a relationship, the abused party has probably long since tuned out the innumerable, only slightly lesser abuses that would probably also make the rest of us blanch.

May all of your tomorrows be better than any of your yesterdays !

I have a friend who was in a similar situation with an obnoxious twit of a man. Just as she was ready to walk, it was discovered that he had MS. So, she stayed. That so-and-so stole her life. He’s gone to his grave and she has made a small life for herself since, but he was a nightmare, and everyone thought they were a lovely couple, most never learned the truth. They didn’t want to hear it.

Hugs to you, you deserve to be free.

Well, I learned something new today!

I didn’t even know there are crystals in our ears, and woulda thought it was a pile of woo bullshit if ya told me! Now I know of another new & interesting way the human body can go haywire.

I LOL’d heartily. Thanks for the guffaw, that was well played.

Ummm, what in the everloving fuck?!?

Hey, it’s not just me! :smile: The position of that word “used” doesn’t, uh, scan well on quick read, I guess.

Oh, and to somewhat drag the thread back to topic: not mine, but a co-worker years ago, whose husband inexplicably got her … a compass … for Valentines Day.

Accompanied by the following statement:

“Well, I was gonna get you a card, but those things are, like, five bucks!”

Ah, twue wuv…

Not that it really matters, but … the direction-finding kind, or the circle-drawing kind? For some reason, the direction-finding kind seems a little more romantic to me.

For Christmas when I was sixteen, I asked my parents for a pair of horse clippers. I’m 64 now and still have (and use) them.

Yeah, I think it is supposed to be accompanied with a card that says, “You are my one true north.” Then it becomes a supremely romantic gift.

I’m late to this party but I just wanted to say that if I could ever have had a traditional gift of flowers, and a heart shaped box of candy, I would have been the slave of the giver. Wistful sigh.