Leaving Mi. heading to Chicago

I recently made up my mind to move to Chicago in the not to distant future. My target date is either Febuary or March.
It would be much appreciated if anyone had any tips on any decent jobs or cheap apartments. I was going to move into a friends place but he just got evicted so that option is gone.
I used to live in Park Ridge back in the day so I do have some roots in the city. I wouldn’t be just another backwater kid trying to live out some fantasy in the city.
So there it is.

Wish me luck.

There have been several threads in the past re: what to do/where to live in Chicago. A search will bring them up.

That said, one of the things that can’t be emphasized enough is “make sure you have a job before you get here.”

Other than that, welcome.

I’m in the process of doing the exact same thing (MI to Chi. move), and I recently started a thread about where to move.

If you’re looking for an apartment, might I suggest the Straight Dope’s own Chicago Reader Spacefinder.

So… see you at the next ChiDope! (maybe)


What, you two don’t like lake effect snow?

We have that here, too.

iggy popov and Happy Lendervedder, I am desperately wanting to get out of my lease on my 1BR in Lakeview. (Because I’m moving out of Chicago!) If I can find someone to sign a new one-year lease or sublet until June 25th, my very nice landlady will let me out.

Email me for details if you’re interested. My email address is in my profile.

Oops! I forgot the tips!

If you are looking for temp jobs, I can recommend two really good agencies.

I found my apartment just by wandering around in Lakeview. I know there are a good number of efficiencies/studios for rent there. Seems like it’s getting harder to find rentors, so I would suggest trying to bargain a bit on your rent or the deposit. Also, if you like Lakeview, check out the Melrose Cafe on the corner of Broadway/Melrose. There’s always interesting ads for apartments posted on their board.

That’s something we didn’t have in Dearborn. I better like it now, though. Actually I lived and worked in Chicago all last winter (had a work-paid-for apartment here and still technically ‘resided’ in MI), and am quite familiar with those nasty windy snows. But apparently the glorious summer months made me sort of forget how f’’'ing brutal the winters are here, so I moved here anyway.

Funny enough, now that I’m going to be living in Chicago, I’m working in Iowa. Maybe now I’ll fall in love with Cedar Rapids and move there next year. (Doubtful.)


But most of that whips past Chicago and dumps on NW Indiana, like it did the other day.

Welcome, iggy and Happy! There are worse places to live. NW Indiana, for instance.

Ah yes, moving south to get warm, eh?

Actually, I can’t give you any tips other than to say Chicago is a fantastic town…and if it weren’t for the weather, I don’t think I would have had any reason to leave. So, if those winters don’t bother you, and the summer humidity isn’t a problem, you will love it there! Good luck, and take advantage of the great local theater productions they have there!!!

No kidding. I just moved to Michigan City, and I’m still in pain from shoveling 26 inches of snow out of my driveway. With 8 more inches forecast for Thursday.

Worse when it comes to snow, maybe. The house I just bought here would have cost a million bux in Chicago.