Lebowski Fest: What should I wear?

I’m attending a Lebowski Fest Saturday in Springfield, Illinois. What should I wear?

I know it’s cold but…Maude

Well if you can’t scare up Maude’s Viking hat and accouterments, how about one of the Gutterball girls? Or Bunny-just ask the guys dressed like the Dude to blow your toes dry:D

The Jesus?

I thought you were going to suggest the black leather boots and flight harness. Period.


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So the answer isn’t a tattered bathrobe?

Tattered bathrobe gets my vote.
ETA: The Dude would never have to ask for wardrobe advice!

Try to keep your head out of the toilet, it’s not always easy.

Same here. I almost broke my arm clicking on the link.
By now, all of the “obvious” costumes have been taken. How about getting a whole bunch of steel wool and knitting a “Brother Shamus’s Volkswagen” outfit?

Although from what I’ve read, it’s almost certainly been done already.

Purple jumpsuit! PURPLE JUMPSUIT!!

Go as the rug. You’ll really tie the place together.

The bathrobe is only good if you want to be like everybody else there.

You could go for Sam Elliott’s cowboy character, complete with fake mustache. Order sarsaparilla soda.

Kenny Rogers, but with bowling ball buttcheeks and a bowling pin cod piece. You know, because he sang Just Dropped In, which played during the trippy scene where the bowling pin slides between two bowling balls.

Dress as one of the guys from Driveshaft.

Go as Saddam Hussein in a bowling shirt.

Or maybe a tumbleweed.

Go as Walter, dressed to impress in a too-tight three-piece-suit and aviator shades.

Go in an iron lung.

Wear whatever you want. I’ve seen people in street clothes and every costume you could imagine, from the toe to the Pomeranian. (I’ve always felt that if you’re going to go as the Pomeranian, you really ought to wear bowling shoes and carry a beer. It’s just funnier that way.)

You could just wear a towel and tell people you came over to use the shower. Or wear a jumpsuit and tool belt and tell everyone you’re here to fix the cable. Or you could wear all black and go as a Nihilist.

What is even better than going to a Lebowski fest? I’ll tell you. Seeing Two Gentlemen of Lebowski on my birthday in April.

If you haven’t read the script yet, here is an excerpt: