New York Stereotypes...

I may be going to a costume party this weekend, and the theme is New York. So I am looking to my fellow Dopers to help me pick a relatively cheap, and comfortable, costume that is New York related. Now, up front, the only three I can think of off the top of my head are:

  1. Wall Street guy - I don’t have a nice enough suit.
  2. Homeless guy - This I can do, but no one will want to talk to me and I am shy enough as it is.
  3. Arab Sky Captain - too soon? This is completely tasteless. And flawed, since the terrorists were not wearing Sky Captain gear, but going as a civilian of Arab decent would be meaningless. I think this idea works better in my twisted head than anywhere else.

So, I am looking for ideas, any ideas, please.

Wear tights, carry a gym bag, and you’re a dancer auditioning for Broadway!

You’re welcome.

:slight_smile: You haven’t seen me in tights
Although that could be worked as an unsuccessful auditioner. I will keep that in mind.

Squeegee guy?


It’s always been acceptable to go as Woody Allen:

heavy black specs
anxious expression
check preppy shirt
old sports jacket
fawn denims
suede shoes
16 year old female companion

First, NewYork is attitude. Above all else.

Wallstreet Guy, homeless Guy aren’t New York…they’re the castaways of the outer boros.

Your choices are:
Bagel Guy
Taxi Guy
Greek Deli Guy
“ethnic” busboy, dishwasher…
“Urban” Guy, but looking the part is expensive.
ACLU Attorney with ponytail
4th Generation Mobster ( NO Shiny suits) instead, sweat suits, St George Medal, pinky ring, etc. Could be 3rd Generation but need suit. 2nd Generation Mobster would dress like your grandpa, but will have the “look” in his eyes.
Pimp Daddy, but would have to be retro to be cool…ie SuperFly ( Good way to pick up, as clothing and attitude gives off “sexuality and dominance”…

That could be pricey.

That could also be pricey, especially since Mrs. Prefect can’t be there. No Pimp Daddy Ford this time. If Mrs. P could come too then that would be fun.

Attitude, hmm. I will have to watch some NY movies and pick up some pointers.

I could go as one of the “Leafers” from Family Guy… Or at least steal some of the lines.

A couple of suggestions that don’t involve mimicking types of people.

[li]Fashion yourself a “crown” and “torch”, then throw on a sheet, and voila–you’re the Statue of Liberty.[/li][li] (possibly difficult) – paint the outside of a large box to look like a building. You’d have holes in the box for your arms and wear it. Then fashion a hat that would identify a specific building, like the Empire State or the Chrysler.[/li][/ul]

Go naked, then you can be the Prometheus Statue in Rockefeller Square. :smiley:

Wrap yourself in really bright LEDs and go as Times Square.

Relatively cheap, comfortable, and New York related. This has all the criteria covered so to speak. Plus, it will guarantee that the only pick-up possible is me by the police, and not the NYPD. This is the leading contender so far :slight_smile:

And I’m not even from there. :slight_smile:

Naked Cowboy anyone?

Of course, that might offend the real one…

You can pick a Seinfeld character and have at it. George, Kramer, Jerry, Newman, Elaine, Frank (George’s father), or Susan’s father - just dress up like a white haired hard drinking Norman Mailerish macho guy and skulk around clutching a crumpled box of love letters from John Cheever.

You can go as Travis Bickle. “You talkin to me?”

Or simply dress like a woman. How well or poorly doesn’t make much of a difference.

How about going as a Damon Runyan character?

  1. Wear a trenchcoat lined with watches and jewelry, offer to sell them at low, low prices!

  2. Only the trenchcoat. And I mean only. :wink:

Why don’t you just carry around a bunch of wallets and go as a mugger? :smiley:

Just wear all black. This has become somewhat of a clichéd stereotype, but since that’s what you’re looking for, voilà.

I don’t know what city you’re in, but go in full Yankees or Mets regalia, carry a beer at all times, and never let your voice fall below 120 decibels the whole evening.

(Yeah, I just got off a train going to Yankee Stadium, what’s it to ya?)

Or dress like a teenager and take a box of candy. Stand up periodically and shout, “EXCUSE ME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF I CAN HAVE A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME, WE’RE HERE SELLING CANDY FOR UNIFORMS FOR OUR BASKETBALL TEAM SO WE CAN STAY OUT OF TROUBLE, I GOT PEANUT M&MS AND STARBURST TODAY, THANK YOU.” Or you can be a bum begging on the subway instead, each time with a different horrible disease or heartbreaking sob story. Or a BATTERY ONE DOLLAR, ONE DOLLAR guy. Make sure you try this just when people are sitting down to eat and/or engrossed in deep conversation.

Man, I spend a lot of time on the subway.

Our Wall Street guys look like any other financial types you might find, so I would go as a well-dressed geek with my pockets turned out and be a refugee of the Silicon Alley bubble. Or an ad exec, with a little ponytail if you can manage one. Or a Broadway show queen, with CDs of cast albums in your pockets and show buttons on your lapels, quoting from GREENWILLOW or ANYONE CAN WHISTLE.