Led Zepplin?

I’ve seen it misspelled as “Zepplin” on the internet lots of times and thought nothing of it, until, in an MTV music video, a fan held up a sign that read “Led Zepplin.” I would think that if said fan was so devoted to the group, the least she could do is spell the name correctly. Is this just a case of pure carelessness or was it cool to spell it that way, or something? (way before my time, so I wouldn’t know…and if this is a dumb question and I’m making way too much of it, sorry)

It might say something about the kinds of folks who are fans of the band that holds the career record for songs about hobbits.

I think you’re reading too much into this. Most people simply can’t spell. Even if the name is misspelled to begin with. (Reminds me of another current thread where somebody mentioned “Def Leopard”…)

Well, since it is pronounced that way it’s not surprising that people spell it that way.


Also not everyone at a particular concert is a true diehard fan, even if they pretend that they are. Also as KGS said, unfortunately many people just can’t spell. :rolleyes: