Lee Morse fans, come ye hither

This site has links to three talkie shorts she made in 1930 (click “media room”): amazing stuff, terrific voice. She runs rings around Ruth Etting, though I’d put her on a par with Libby Holman. Can’t really act, but could she sing! Try “A Million Me’s” first, it’s got the best songs.

Thanks Eve! I’ve been to that site before but not for a while. I was hoping against hope that one of them would be Lee’s singing “Tain’t no sin, to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones” my favorite song by her. In any case, it’s great to see her in action.

Cute dancing boys! The 2006 me feels guilty for enjoying it.

goes to watch the others

I love her rendition of “What Wouldn’t I Do for That Man,” though her bouncing up and down in the picture frame is a a bit . . . odd . . .

It seems to me that the first one and the third one are the same, even though they have different splash screens. Did you get that too?

And oh my is she adorable…what a cutie pie! You were right about “A Million Me’s” being the best one. I want one of those jukeboxes.

Omigod, those two little tap-dancing kids in the third short, The Music Racket, are the Nicholas Brothers! I can’t find this listed in their filographies, but damned if that’s not them!

Great stuff, Eve. I knew of Miss Lee from the 78 crowd I hang with but had no idea about the films.

Another neglected Portland, OR product - along with Mel Blanc (who no one knows came from there) and George Olsen (who no one knows, period).

Lee Morse is good if you can stand her singing off-pitch all the time. She could swing and she had an enthusiastic delivery, but her intonation and phrasing. . .

My favorite singers of the era are Annette Hanshaw and Ethel Waters. I assume everyone here knows about Waters, so I won’t try to justify my love of her recordings.

I don’t like Hanshaw’s Hawaiian stuff, and I can do without the Helen Kane imitations, but she was a superior singer of jazz and pop songs. There’s a good selection of Hanshaw material at the Red Hot Jazz Archive. Some of her best sides are I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling (the best version of that I’ve heard), Big City Blues, I Get the Blues When It Rains, Mean to Me, That’s You Baby, Walkin’ My Baby Back Home and Lover, Come Back to Me.