Left leather dress shoes out in near-freezing cold for a long time

Leather (or fake leather) dress shoes left outside in near-freezing temps for weeks - would it make the shoes start to come apart at the seams? I think they’re glued together, not sewn.

Former cobbler here.

Depends on the glue.

The only way to know for sure is to warm them up to room temperature and take a look at them. If it was “near-freezing”, that is, warmer than freezing, they’re probably OK. It’s when you cross the freezing point of water that problems start to show up. Probably. Because there is a wide range of stuff used in shoes these days and some of it is of higher quality, some of crap quality.

If the glue is starting to give way come back and tell what’s going on and I’ll try to give you advice.

I left a pair of crocs out in the rain and they shrank………