Left shift key & explorer = back key

I tried googling this but haven’t had much success finding an answer. I’m using Windows Vista x64 and have a Microsoft Natural Keyboard connected via the PS/2 port.

About a week ago, my computer started doing this thing where if I’m in explorer and I press the left shift key (the right shift key works fine), instead of capitalizing the next letter I type, it will go back to the previous folder I had open, or have the effect of if I was pressing ALT+LEFT. This makes it extremely difficult to make new folders, as I have to remember to only use the right shift key. The funny thing is, this is ONLY happening in explorer windows, so I know that it isn’t a stuck key. This also doesn’t start happening immediately after rebooting, but will start happening again within an hour or so, leading me to believe it has to be a software issue. Has anyone ever heard of this before, or know how to fix it?

First off, do you have another keyboard you can try out. This will quickly eliminate the possibility that it’s a keyboard error.
Second, This almost for sure isn’t the case, but is it possible that your computer is overheating (is it time to blow out the inside of the case)? I know that’s a pretty long shot, but I’m basing it on the fact that you said it doesn’t happen right away.

Another thing to try is to boot up your computer and then don’t touch it for a few hours (or however long it takes before it starts happening). I’m wondering if there is another program that you’re running that’s causing this. If you wait a while and then make IE the first thing you use (and maybe navigate sites you don’t typically go to, to rule that out as well), that will help us. Then there’s the possibilty that it’s something windows automatically runs which would involve going into msconfig and tuning alot of stuff off.

Personally, I would try a different keyboard for a while and hope that’s all it is.

I’ll borrow my roommate’s keyboard and see if anything is different, but I really don’t think it’s a hardware problem seeing as how my left shift key is working fine in any other program.

It also seems bizarre that overheating would cause Left Shift = ALT + LEFT in explorer…especially since about a month ago I upgraded the case to make the system run even cooler.

Finally was able to borrow an extra PS/2 keyboard, and I was immediately able to conclude that it really is my Microsoft Natural Keyboard which is causing Left Shift to be mapped to both its normal function, and ALT+LEFT. How on earth that would happen is totally beyond me, but this is really gonna start driving me crazy, so I guess it’s time to go keyboard shopping soon. I’m happy to see that Microsoft has stopped dicking around with their keyboard layouts and has a keyboard which is almost exactly like mine, except it’s black and has some kind of scroll bar in the middle. If anyone’s still following this thread and wants to recommend a nice keyboard (I definitely prefer the curved design over the rectangular), speak now please.