Shift-Space doesn't do Space anymore?

I’m pretty sure it used to… but I have so many problems now when typing something where I use a space after a capital letter because my finger hasn’t come all the way off the spacebar and so the space doesn’t work.

Now, I have only been having this problem recently, but it is now consistant. I haven’t changed the way I type.

Is there a setting somewhere?! HEEEELP! cry

are you saying if you hold down the shift key and press space - you get nothing? If so then your computer is broken - get a new one.

No really if it’s what you say it works on mine
"A " was from
depress shift
press and release A
press and release space
release shift
it works w/ both shift keys.

try rebooting, try booting to dos and see if it works at a command line.

perhaps you’ve grown older and forgotten how to type ?

but seriously, i don’t see why it shouldn’t work. unless you’re doing it incorrectly. or [unlikely] some corrupt keyboard drivers are messing it up for you.

Have you tried both shift keys? I’m thinking it is a keyboard problem and not a computer problem. Try another keyboard if possible.

Could it be application specific?

It has persisted for over a week, through many reboots. It is in every application that involves typing.

I don’t wanna use a different keyboard, this is my MS Natural 'spensive one :open_mouth:

Did you try typing at a dos command prompt (not withing windows)