Leg Exercises

What are some good exercises to strengthen my legs. Particularly, the calfs, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


Ride a bike. Spring is almost here.

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I always thought knee bends did them all. When I was in high school they still had us doing deep knee bends. They don’t do that anymore I think that it tears up the knee.
Until yesterday I would have asked about the hip also ,I’m having hip surgery next tuesday, but the two physical therapists that gave me the presurgery explanation said that walking is the only thing needed as far as muscle building goes.

If you have access to gym equipment, you can build quad strength with squats and leg extensions. Be sure to throw in three high-rep sets of leg curls with a manageable weight to keep the hammies up to snuff. A lot of injuries occur because the hamstrings are neglected. As for the calves, gyms have machines for calf extensions. If you belong to a gym, get someone who works there to show you some excercises and how to properly use the equipment.

No Gym? Ride a bike, do knee bends and squats. Maintain a smooth motion throughout the exercise and focus on the muscles that you’re working on. Trust me, it helps. Be sure to stretch out before and after exercising. Biking is fantastic for the legs. For calves, place the toe of one foot on a stair or other elevation and slowly raise and lower your body weight, focusing on your calf. For extra resistance, hold a dumbell or something else heavy as you go. Do 10-15 extensions and then switch legs. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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Ballet. Not only will you gain strength, but you’ll gain flexibility as well.