Legal advice: how to handle a hit and run, a case study

The case is here:

This is a hit and run, I believe the driver just drove on. Here’s how to handle the situation if you’re the driver: YOU CAN CLAIM THAT YOU WERE NOT AWARE YOU HIT SOMEONE. You have a plausible case.

If your license plate has been captured and if the victim reports this and if the cops show up at your door, this is what you do:

  1. First identify yourself properly to the cops.

  2. If they ask you questions, ask them back, “officer, what’s this about?”
    They’ll say, “this is about a hit and run and we believe you were the driver."

  3. You should deny it, but SAY NO MORE. At this point, before talking further, insist on a lawyer. Do not given further information, such as your whereabouts or that you were even driving on that day. Just say NOTHING!!!
    Remember: it’s absolutely plausible that someone can hit this woman with your side mirrors and simply did not realize it.

Just SAY NOTHING. DO NOT TALK. The more information you give them, the stronger their case will be against you.

The most important thing to remember is that the information you volunteer will only help their case against you. Cops are good people but their job is to nail you, they’re very well paid for it.

Or you could, you know, stop and take responsibility for the accident you caused like the adult you are assumed to be when you were issued a driver’s license instead of driving away as if you have no responsibility for your actions.

Hit and run drivers are contemptible human beings. In my humble opinion, of course.


I’m closing this thread. I can’t see it going anywhere good.