Legal advice: Is this a violation of my privacy?

I moved out of one apartment complex into another (much nicer) place this week. Today I went to the office to return my keys. I parked in one of those angled parking spaces, but I had to back up a lot to make sure I pulled in straight because I was pulling in against the slant. However, the road I was on was NOT one-way. I was being very careful since I was going against the slant and the spaces are very narrow. Anyway, the woman in the office who took my keys was outside when this happened and saw me back-up and pull in. I went in, dropped off my keys, and left. Later this afternoon, she called me accusing me of hitting her car several times! Needless to say, I didn’t touch her car. And if I really hit her car, she would have said something since she saw me pull in! I already called my insurance company about the claim and have an appointment to get my car photographed on Thursday.

This is my question: since she worked there, she was able to not only get my name and number but also my mom (my emergency contact information) and my sister!This must be some kind of violation of privacy but what should I do about it? I went through my papers but I don’t have a copy of the emergency contact information sheet. Oh, and I’m in Florida, by the way.

I was going to complain to Better Business Bureau but I’m afraid that the apartment complex will make me literally pay for it since I don’t have my security deposit back yet. I suppose I will wait until I get it back.

I would really appreciate any answers or advice anyone can provide.

You got falsely accused but the info she got isn’t anything that a phone book or the internet wouldn’t provide. It almost surely isn’t protected information like, say, medical information which would be.

I got falsely accused of something similar once but my lady was even nuttier than yours. She accused me of creating a dent that was actually a body contour. When I showed her the matching one on the other side, she accused me of hitting both sides of her car at the same time. I had to flee the scene at that point but you didn’t have that option.

The good news is your insurance agency is a lot better at this stuff than you are and they will be on the hook. She will have to prove it to them and they hate writing checks. Let them deal with it. That is what you have them for.

BTW, the Better Business Bureau isn’t a government or enforcement agency. It is a goodwill front that is paid for by businesses. They might give an investigative call but don’t expect much.

Oh, and one for thing. Your apartment deposit has jack to do with someones car in the parking lot and it is legally protected. Make sure they are clear that one has nothing to do with the other and find out your rights in state law. Landlords have specific commitments with deposits in most states and they have to clearly justify why part or all isn’t being refunded. There is usually a Housing Board or at least small claims court backed by laws to help you with that part.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. I was thinking that the emergency contact sheet would have a disclaimer saying something like “we will only use this information in case of (actual emergency”. I really just want to get her in trouble with work. I am not really sure who to complain to, however. Thank you for the information, though! You are hereby exempt from my “people suck” complaints. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to file a complaint with the management company the lady works for?
Everyone loves me, so I’ve never had a reason to file complaints :slight_smile:

Wow! She got your mom and sister? Where is she keeping them? :smiley:

Okay, I’m sure you meant she got the names and phone numbers of your mom ans sister. I’m not sure I get the point, though. Did you neglect to say that she called your mom and sister, and it bothers you that she called them? Or did she not call them, and it just bothers you that she has that info? (And if she didn’t call them, how do you know that she got the info?)

While the names and numbers are likely readily available, the fact that, out of all the millions or billions or people in the phone book and on the net, those two particular individuals are indeed Arien’s mother and sister is not. I wouldn’t be so cavalier about that sort of snooping.

If it hasn’t been done already, I would advise you call the police ASAP. Like the very first chance you get and have a report filled out. The police will make note of any damage present or otherwise. BTW is there any damage to her car? If so, is it rusty? Is there any other colored paint on it? Etc…

Oh, and I say to get the police there, because if she is lying, shy might not be to keen on have the police ask her questions about exactly what she saw.

Yeah, she called my mother and my sister’s, and she must have gotten their numbers from my file at the apartment complex, sorry if I was unclear. She called me first, but I was at a movie and my phone was off. Apparently she told my mom I hit her three times but she didn’t say anything at the time because “she didn’t think it was a big deal.” (WTF?) Also she said she’d call the police, but I don’t think she ever did because I haven’t heard anything. I didn’t find out about any of this until late evening on Friday and the incident supposedly took place around 1pm that day. I don’t even know which car was hers; I did notice that the cars on both sides of me had dents on them when I arrived.

A little paranoid part of me is worried because I have a small scratch on my car near the left headlight that’s been there for a couple of months, and that somehow this will correspond to the damage she is claiming I caused. I’m not sure if she told the insurance company that I dented her car. I won’t be able to stop worrying until I hear back from my insurance company. I do plan to contact management as soon as this is all settled and complain about her behavior. The way I see it, they wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) give out my contact information to someone walking in who claimed I hit their car, so why would she be allowed to use it for the same purpose?