People who make up shit to get what they want

Today someone who worked at my old apartment complex accused me of hitting her car several times when I went there to drop off my keys! I was actually being very careful pulling in because the space was small and it was slanted in the wrong direction. (The little parking lot lane I was in wasn’t one-way however, and to turn around would mean to circle the block). The crazy part is that she witnessed me pull into the parking space! If I had hit her fucking car, she would have said something then and not waited until that afternoon, **four ** hours later! Also she looked up my phone number and my mom’s and sister’s to call them and threaten me with the police and promises to sue. I only listened to her first voicemail where she sounded fairly reasonable, except the part where she only noticed I hit her car four hours later and not when it supposedly happened. Apparently later on she accused me of hitting her car several times. She had people she knew with her, so I bet she got them to agree to lie for her and say they saw me hit her car. Ha, she won’t find my insurance company so easily convinced.

I really can’t imagine lying like this for my own personal gain. But maybe I’m the sucker, for not being willing to exploit other people, right?

Anyway, thanks for the chance to vent. It would probably have contained more curse words a few hours ago but I feel drained now.

Hmmm. So where is the evidence of paint matching your car on hers? For that matter, shouldn’t there be some dents or paint matching her car on YOUR car?

Sounds like an attempt at extortion to me. Let her call the police. Making a false report is a crime.

I have an appointment to get my car photographed on Thursday. Hopefully she won’t bother getting hers photographed when she realizes they want actual proof and not just the words of her friends.

That’s a new layer of Amazingly Poor Attempts to Swindle.
Was anyone neutral around who could ask as witness, like the manager of the complex?

Hijak: (Sorry, I can’t resist telling this at every chance)

At a video game convention, a watched a young guy ask the Red Octane table how much they wanted for the Guitar Hero game and controler package. The staffer said $40 (retail is $60).
Young guy says, “geeze, I got it for less online.”
“Really?” says the staffer, “was it used?”
“Nah, it was new. I got it as an import.”
“It’s a domestic product.”
Young guy, caught in high swindleage, walks away with a giant plate of crow.

Decent rant, Arien, and full points for justified outrage. I’m still going to move your thread, even though it has a lot of chewy goodness to it. The Pit is the parking lot, the take-it-outside annex. Not to say many ‘discussions’ don’t end up suprisingly sensible and even–gasp!* civil!*-- with Pit denizens.

Mild rant but not a lot of scope for chewy Pit cussedness.

Off to MPSIMS.

My first pit-thread got downgraded! I should take this to the Pit! :wink:

Oh yeah, I also posted a question about this in GQ, about whether or not I can get the woman in trouble for using my emergency contact information to contact my mother and sister.

If this was me as the staffer, I would have whipped out a "really? 6 Were stolen in a breaking a few months back, where did you say you got it?