Legal definition of Parking

Before I begin, I know your not my lawyer, I’m not asking for legal advise, and any legal advise I get is worth exactly what I paid for it, Nothing.

I just got a ticket for Illegal Parking, parking in a Fire Lane. I wasn’t parked, I had the car standing, with the engine on, while waiting for my wife to come out of the store. The signs posted stated No Parking, there were no signs that said No Standing, or No Stopping, so I wasn’t aware I was breaking any laws. I think the Cop was just looking to give a ticket, since it was in a somewhat small town.

So, my main question is, what is the legal definition of “Parking”? My second question, is what I did against the law with the officer just putting the wrong thing on the ticket? He wrote that I violated code 40-6-203 , and I could not find anything in there about fire lanes, the closest I could find was (a)(1)(E) where it mentions “Safety Zone” but I can’t find a definition of “Safety Zone”.

I am in the City of Conyers, Rockdale County, State of Georgia, USA.

Thank you for all y’alls help.

Your link requires a password. Could you perhaps cut & paste some of the relevant sections of the code?

O.C.G.A. § 40-1-1

O.C.G.A. § 40-1-1

From 40-6-203:

The covered all three, as far as I can tell. (Standing, stopping, parking.)

Was there a fire hydrant in or near the fire lane?

Safety Zone: From 40-1-1, which defines the terms:

Drat! Beaten to the punch…

So, per Gfactor’s quote, you were parked – since you were waiting for your wife to come out of the store, you were not “actually engaged in loading or unloading property or passengers.” She was in the store, already unloaded.

Was there some reason you couldn’t just park in a regular parking space while you waited?

How is this relevant?

Thanks for all the replies so far, it looks that technically I did break the law, learn something new every day. My best friend has an uncle that is a lawyer, so I’ll see if I can find out what he says. I still think the cop didn’t have to give me a ticket, I was there for less then 5 minutes when he stopped to give me the ticket.

mlees No, there was no fire hydrant. There was just a yellow curb and a painted dashed line saying no parking.

It’s relevant because maybe he was actively loading or unloading. He did say waiting for his wife, but it’s possible he omitted something else.

That, plus, what if everyone parked in this fashion? It’s irritating seeing lazy people do this.

If he is a half-way decent lawyer he will probably tell you to pay the ticket. This is GQ so I will refrain from addressing your opinion about whether he should have given you the ticket.
ETA:BTW, more than one lawyer has already posted to this thread.

It was a fire lane. You were blocking it. Why is that a technicality?

I’ve always wondered why people park in places designated “No Parking.” Could the instructions be less ambiguous? What makes you think it’s OK?

I think the factual question has been answered here. There seem to be some who want to discuss other aspects of the situation; I encourage you to start a new thread on the topic in an appropriate forum. Thread closed.

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