Legal question about new marriage and debt

Purely hypothetial. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man and woman are considering marriage. Man has decent credit, woman has bad credit, bad debts and already has an account frozen by IRS for tax debt and failure to files.

When man and woman are actually married, do the bad debts and tax debts become his debts also? Or will they only attack the wife?

This in California, BTW

A relevant article to start.

Purely hypothetical, huh?

From Pasta’s link, the only possible advice from a stranger:
β€œβ€¦To be on the safe side, I suggest you consult with a tax professional.”.

Tax professionals are really easy to find.

Run, Forest, Run!!

Since it appears that this is not entirely hypothetical, let’s move it over to IMHO for some legal advice.

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