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Please be advised that I neither am planning on doing this nor have I already done this.::ahem::

 If there was a boy at school who was constantly harassing me, making fun of me, calling my house several times a day and hanging up, would I be justified in doing this, and what charges, if any, would I face?


 Say that after school I walked up behind the same boy, gave him a hard shove and bound this guy's feet with duct tape while he was still down on the floor, wound duct tape around his head to keep him from yelling, taped his arms together, told him to stand up in front of a bulletin board, tacked, stapled, and duct taped him to this bulletin board (by his clothes) and left him there. What would happen to me, and if he or his parents were to press charges, what would I be looking at?

You’d be looking at the cinderblock wall as Bubba had his way with you.

Breaking the law on his part is not a justification for breaking the law on your part.

Either kidnapping or unlawful restraint or some such. For example, to extract some of the relevant laws in CT:


IANAL, but perhaps you would like to reconsider?


Duckster has it.

Regardless of what someone else does to you you do not have a legal rught of retaliation. Your only defense is retaialtion to protect yourself in an immedaite situaion. Even then you can only use ‘reasonable’ force to extricate yourself from the situation. What you describe goes beyond that.

In short you cannot take the law into your own hands not matter how much you feel you might be justified in doing so. If someone else is bothering yout e proper course is to inform the appropriate authortities (be it school staff, loacl security, boss, police, etc.) and let them deal with it.

NOTE: IANAL…take the above with a grain (or block) of salt.

Let me say first, I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

In addition to criminal issues, your hypothetical person would be facing several civil tort claims including, off the top of my head, false imprisonment, assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

If you plan to do all that stuff, why leave his clothes on? Tape him up naked. Better yet, hang him by his b----.

Oh, great idea, barbitu8. Then he’ll really follow her around, hoping for a repeat. :wink:

Why don’t you just tell someone who can legally bother him? Like what Whack said.

If this boy is just picking on you for attention, and you want him to stop, tell him to stop. If he won’t, tell a school official. They have to do something.
If he’s actually harassing you, being nasty and/or sexual, tell a school official.
Tell your parents if you have that kind of relationship with them.
I’m a grampa. I know about these things. :wink:

mangeorge is right on. Tell the school officials and your parents. In fact tell the school officials while crying (very loudly)and sitting on the floor in the middle of the office. You need witnesses and documentation. Or save your lunch money and hire out special help for your problem.

Thanks, everybody.

No, you wouldn’t.

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