Legal Question - restraining order

Without getting into too much detail:

If you have a restraining order against a person, can you be forced to testify in court on their behalf if they subpoena you?

A subpoena is a subpoena is a subpoena. If subpoenaed, you don’t have to testify – but you’ll go to jail for contempt of court. And you don’t have to testify on their behalf, you just have to tell the truth.

You say tesify on their behalf. Usually as subpoena is for a hearing or a review on the status of the order. If subpoenaed, you must appear. If you failed to appear you’d be in contempt and the court may issue a warrant for your arrest. Nothing says you have to testify on their behalf, just honestly.

I’am not a lawer, I just play one on TV.

I don’t think y’all understand the question, which I believe is “will a subpoena cause a court to force you to come within 50 feet of a person who is not allowed within 50 feet of you?”

Answer: yes, I believe it will. The court will guarantee your safety and might prevent the person from speaking directly to you, and might even send the person out of the room so that his lawyer can question you, but if the subpoena gets issued, you WILL testify.