Legal questions

A couple of years ago, I was convicted of DWAI in New York State. I know it’s a traffic infraction, not a misdemeanor.

I just got a job offer, and I have to fill out a form for a background check. I have two questions.

  1. Since this is below misdemeanor, do I have to answer yes to “have you ever been convicted of a crime?” or can I legally repond no?

  2. Since they’re probably going to find out anyway, what are considered justifiable reasons for the company to renege on the offer?

Probably relevant, the job duties do not involve driving.

AHH! Finally something in my line of expertise! No, an infraction is not a crime. You MIGHT have been found guilty of doing it if you fought it in court, but usually infractions are not even brought before a judge. The answer is No, you have never been convicted of a crime.

The wording of the question probably excluded minor traffic infractions, but even if it didn’t, it wasn’t a crime.

These are the only ones allowed in this place as the mods will not tolerate illegal questions.