Legal things that should be illegal, and illegal things that ought to be legal.

In your opinion, of course.

For me:

Legal things that ought to be illegal:

Energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster, many people take these drinks as if they were just another beverage. They are actually quite bad for your health.

States that allow people who ride motorcycles without a helmet.

News magazines that are blatantly false. You know the ones I mean, those ones you see at super markets at the register.

Illegal things that ought to be legal:

Marijuana. Hasn´t killed anyone. Makes peoples peaceful.

The 21 year drinking age. Leads to more trouble. If you teach kids to drink at an early age, they will be more responsible.

What would your list include?

Illegal: Driving cars. Everybody should have to take a turn riding a motorcycle everywhere they go for one month. It would save a lot of gas, traffic problems, parking problems, be a huge boon for the long-term medical care industry, and kill off a lot of stupid people.

Well, you did put this in MPSIMS…

Should be illegal: talking on your phone while driving. Oh- um, nevermind.

Should be legal: the Dashboard Death Ray, for use on people who are nearly causing accidents because they’re talking on their phone while driving.

If you’re going to make “quite bad for your health” a criterion, wouldn’t that apply to lots of things? including, probably, marijuana?

You mean things like the (late, lamented) Weekly World News? or even The Onion? Hell no! I’d far rather have things be blatantly false than be subtly false.

I believe Red Bull to be worse to your health than marijuana, given the fact that there is little to no advertisement of how bad it can be for your health. If you mix Red Bull with alcohol you could be in for some serious trouble.

I think weed is less harmful.

And yes, I agree with you, all lies ough to be illegal. But this would be kinda hard to achieve, realisticaly speaking.

What makes you think kids are taught to drink in the first place?

Do they pop out of the womb knowing how to drink?:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, yes. They will drink whatever you give them if it tastes good.

How bad, exactly? Worse than vodka? Worse than a Big Mac?

Why? They seem pretty harmless, and are good for a laugh. Most of the really good ones are defunct these days, but even when they were still be published, I don’t think anyone but the terminally stupid actually believed them.

Are you saying the legal limit on drinking alcohol should be higher, or lower?

You believe Red Bull is bad… because no one is talking about how bad it is?

You mix tonic water with alcohol, you could be in for some serious trouble. I don’t think the problem is the mixer, here. I think it’s the booze.

I don’t think that’s what Thudlow was saying.

Illegal: The whole unregulated “dietary supplement” industry. Penis enlargement pills, and all that other stuff. Sometimes it’s snake oil that does nothing, but there are also “supplements” that are really drugs and should be sold as such.

In general, they should do something about people who go on a wide stage and sell things that are blatantly fraudulent, like the “tornado fuel saving device.”


Audible car alarms. They don’t work for their stated purpose, they are a noise pollution nuisance, and secret alarm systems like Lowjack have proven to be far more effective at reducing auto theft.

They should lower the drinking age to 18, like almosy every other country in the world.

I happen to think that the best time for a teenager to get wasted is with a parent.

I would start introducing them to beer and wine at the age of 15 or 16.

I would get them drunk once, under parential supervision, so the teenanger learns how bad a hangover can be.

The younger they are introduced to alcohol as a social thing, under parental supervision, the less likely they will go crazy drinking in college, IMHO.

Does it sound ideal? No. But I think it works.

As far as red bull is concerned, it should at LEAST have a warning label.

I´ve known about 4 people who´ve had bad heart palpitations just drinking 1 red bull and a half.

Should be illegal: **Any **non-emergency use of a cell phone while driving. We’ve had a hands-free law here for a couple of months that’s fairly widely ignored. However, it’s not the act of holding a phone to your head that’s dangerous, but submerging yourself into a conversation and paying more attention to the voice in your ear than the other cars around you.

Forgot to say:

Should be legal: Forcibly yanking kids’ pants up to their waists and stapling them in place so they can’t expose their boxers. As a side benefit, kids will be able to walk normally instead of that weird waddle they have to do so their pants don’t fall down completely.

“I think”, “I believe”. Do you have any facts at all to back up your statement? Opinions are not facts.

I’m no fan of energy drinks, but you stoners rationalizing your pot habits like it’s just been declared a vitamin really get to me. Do a search on Medline…

Are you talking about stapling the pants to the boxers or the kid? Because I think that staples on the kid might be a bit much.

Should be illegal: any music or noise which escapes the house/car. I can usually hear my across-the-street-neighbors music more clearly than I can hear either my TV or my music.

I was, sort of, taught to drink. My father’s parents emigrated from Sicily, and while I was growing up, I was given a sip of wine or beer if I indicated an interest in it. My parents started having formal Sunday dinners when they bought a house with a formal dining room. We all had to dress up fairly nicely (no jeans or t-shirts allowed), use company manners, and we had water AND wine glasses. Any Bodoni kid who wanted wine was allowed to have watered wine. The amount of watering was in inverse proportion to the kid’s age.

Wine, and alcohol in general, was not a forbidden fruit to me. I was much more interested in cigarettes (tobacco and otherwise). I think that this is a good way to teach kids about drinking. However, I DON’T think that kids should “get wasted”, whether they’re under their parents’ supervision or not. I am also unsure about lowering the drinking age. MOST people who are 18 are really still kids, even though they do have some adult privileges.

Illegal: Helium for singers. I mean, have you ever heard anything by James Blunt without being physically sick?