Legal to Wish Death On Posters' Pets In Pit?

Subject says it all.
I know I can’t wish death on Poster A in the pit.
Can I wish death on Poster A’s adorable pet cat, Fluffy A?

Some pet people would become more distraught over an attack on their pets than one directed to themselves.

I guess my question is, why would you want to?

Well, I can’t say I personally would want to.
While I can be a snippy, queeny little bitch with a bad case of chronic sarcastic disorder, I swore off pitting anyone who was going to respond online several years back. Life is too short to spend any more of it angry than I already do, and getting angry because of an online flame war is an anger management incident that is wholly avoidable. I’m really not witty enough to do it for humor. I also don’t let anyone online get under my skin.
I was asking more out of my question for abstract knowledge than anything else.

Okay, just curious. I couldn’t come up with a single instance where I would wish death on a pet that wasn’t already incurably suffering, is all.

You know, for a lot of people, pets are “the children of the heart.”

And just like children, there are people who take offense at any anything even close to what you’re proposing.

Why would you want to do that, even, to hurt someone’s sensibilities like that?

This is not the home of happiness and light, but if you have a disagreement with someone you should be able to communicate in such a way that calling down death and destruction on someone and all they possess should not be in your game plan.

your humble TubaDiva

How about this? I love pets, but I could see wishing death on a vicious animal.

“Chronic sarcastic disorder.”
NOW I know what I’ve been suffering from. Is there a Latin name? :smiley:

People would just think you a nasty, hateful person and not listen to your valid criticism then, I would think.

I burning your dog.

I’ve been wishing an agonizing death on the hamsters for years.

:eek: It is expressly forbidden to wish death on the hampsters!

True. We really don’t want any laundry-hamper-dwelling critters dying and stinking up the office.