Wishing death upon others-please tell me this is abnormal

There’s a new trend that I find disturbing. People wishing death upon other people (especially on the internet).

This isn’t the typical yelling “I’m gonna kill him/her” or “I hope s/he dies” during a fit of anger or upset. I’m talking about “One day I hope you get the sense to get a strong rope and hang your self…make sure you make it tight enough” or “Take a shotgun, press it against your throat, aim up, and pull the trigger” after a simple dispute or disagreement (not someone who just killed your mother).

People who say things like that do they do that as an attempt of humor or shock value? Or are they really serious? If they are serious, do they have “issues”? Or is it just a new way of venting?

I don’t think people can stop thinking about themselves for long enough to judge the worth of another’s life. That doesn’t neccesarily stop them, of course. I’d say people who say things like that are half venting, but wholly wouldn’t care if their wish were granted.

As one who has wished someone dead, I would like to interject here.

  1. I haven’t done so on this board, I think the folks here are for the most part pretty great.

  2. I think it’s in terribly bad form to post a desire for someone to commit suicide - you just don’t know if they are contemplating it and your message would have some impact on pushing them over the edge.

  3. The only times I find it justified is (a) it is in jest and the individual you are posting to absolutely knows this or (b) the person to whom you are posting is one of those annoying pieces of shit that exist merely to irritate others.

When I do this I try to be as imaginative about what I plan to do to the individual in question whenever I meet them. Of course, I would never actually do these things, but it often relieves not only my own tensions about the situation, but those of others as well. I think this should be used sparingly and only by posters who have been part of a board for a while (I would not feel comfortable going off in this manner here yet, for instance).

choke to death on a camel dick, especially if he chose dromedary fellatio as a form of suicide. Hm. No, I feel better than normal, I feel totally fucking right. I would like to imagine myself as the saintly, Ghandi-like person that I aspire to be, but I could really enjoy Osama asphyxiating on his own…well you get the idea.

The trend isn’t that new … I bitch, therefore I am.

And further, it’s the twisted forms of violence people often wish on people that skeeves me out.

Osama … would I feel better about the world if he did not live? Absolutely.
Do I want to see the gore and agony involved in torturing him to death? Fuck no. I mean, shit, once you’ve had your psychotic fun and the life is gone, you’re stuck looking at a pile of entrails and a lake of blood. No friggin’ than you very much.

I guess I’m more into justice than revenge.

Ah, but to some, justice is revenge.

Uh…that was supposed to be “…revenge is justice”.

I hate me.

Yeah, you should get a shotgun, and

ah, nevermind.

This sort of thing always seemed peculiarly pointless to me. Why wish death upon other mortals? They’re going to die eventually no matter how you personally feel about them, so there’s no need to wish it so.

True, but there ARE a lot of impatient people out there.

Suicide! Its the new Goat-felching!

My brother broke his neck in a car accident he caused and now he’s bitching and moaning about wanting to kill the driver for “doing this to him.” He’s going a bit too far with this and wishing death on the driver’s family members…

Mom just came home with his meds, he’ll be in a better mood soon I’m sure. Blah.

Wish death upon others isn’t abnormal - people have been doing since as long as we have been around.