Legal-type question about worker’s comp

Patient has a long-term knee injury that is definitely covered by worker’s comp. She is ambulatory (limited) in her home. One day while she is making her way across the bedroom, her knee locks up, down she goes against the wall, and she breaks the head clean off her humerus.

Is this injury covered by her own medical insurance or by Worker’s Comp (because it wouldn’t have happened without the knee injury)?

Patient is in California.

Will Workers Comp Cover Secondary Conditions from Injuries | Johnson & Gilbert, P. A..

Generally, yes secondary injuries caused by your first injury are covered. The patient would likely need the physician treating them for the first injury opine that the secondary injury was due to the first injury.

The answer most certainly is “it depends”. If the doctor had recommended she use crutches around the house, and she refused, then worker’s comp might rightfully balk.

My gf’s sister has a long-standing worker’s comp case going on. Her attorney sent her an email with the statement: “We are filing an amended AAC.” This has to do with the fact that when he contacted the WC people for an authorization to treat her arm (based on the fact that the gimpy leg caused the fall that broke the arm) the insurance company sent back a treatment authorization specifying the knee.

What does AAC stand for in this instance?

Application for Adjustment of Claim