Legally Beer vs. Ale?

While collecting boxes for a recent move, I recall seeing a box of some beer claiming “ale in TX and AL”, I think the second US state was. Why?

Perhaps they require brewers to distinguish between lagers (the vast majority of beers) and ales.

Got it:

So that’s closer. Perhaps AL and TX have different % definitions than other states?

The fermentation process of ales and lagers are different.

The yeast used in lager comes to the top and is skimmed off, and ale yeast settles to the bottom and is bled off.

And draft beer is unpasteurized, having a shelf life of only three weeks.

Not that it makes much difference to most of us. Anything with a head on it is beer to me.

No wisecracks!

OOps, simulpost, and it appears I’ve got my yeasts backwards,