"Legand of Zelda" style bombs

A staple of the “Legend of Zelda” video games are bombs. More specificly, round, blue bombs which have fuses attached. Have these ever been made in real life? If so, for what purpose? As amusing as it would be, I don’t see them as good warfare weapons.

It’s a cannonball filled with black powder and fitted with a fuse. When the cannonball was fired, the blast would ignite the fuse. Cut the fuse to the right length and you can get a nice airburst of shrapnel (“The bombs bursting in air … .”)

Sometime early in the 20th century the fused cannonball came to be the weapon of choice of the canonical wild-eyed anarchist. I don’t know if this was because of an actual anarchist bomb attack or merely because at the time it was the sort of archaic army surplus you could imagine falling into the hands of terrorists.