Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

IGN just gave this game a 10/10, saying it is the best Zelda game ever.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued.

To quote them:

I love Zelda games. I have never been able to beat the final boss in any game I’ve played, but it sure is fun getting there.

Being a 55 year old female, I’m amazed I can even get that far. :slight_smile: I think this just might get added to my Christmas wish list.

Wow. That’s pretty much the best game review I’ve ever read!

I’ve got it on preorder so I hope it’s that good. Well, I know it’ll be good, but…IGN called Twilight Princess the best Zelda of all-time when that one came out too, and I didn’t like it as much as Wind Waker.

I think Mahaloth is on record that Twilight Princess is his favorite Zelda game (other than Okami :p).

I was going to wait until I returned to the States next summer to pick it up, but then I saw that it comes packed with a Symphony CD at Amazon so I went ahead and preordered it. My parents will have to pack and ship it to me.

Nothing is better than Okami. But yes, I did like Twilight Princess the best. I will admit Link to the Past is amazing, though.

When Ocarina of Time came out and I saw the reviews I went out and bought a N64 just to play that game – never bought another N64 game.

This may just motivate me to buy another single purpose (for me) console.

This article argues you should buy a Wii. “It’s True. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is Worth the Price of a Wii

For the overall price of $130.

Additionally if you haven’t played the Super Mario Galaxy games, you have been missing out. Those games are fun! I consider them the best Mario games ever.

Hate to say it but the fact that it’s a Wii game probably gives is a 2 point boost. There are NO games coming out for that system and there have been no games in the last year so any good game is going to seem like THA SHIZZNIT to the Wii page of a game site. 1UP gave is a B+ I think, which is more along the lines of what I expected.

…And I didn’t consider Twilight Princess to be a good game if I got it for free for the Wii. I’d be totally confused if there were only one super glowing review, or dismiss it as total fanwanking, but the fact that there are multiple ones gives me pause.

I can’t wait. Loved OoT and Majoras Mask but was a bit meh on Twilight Sword (too similar to OoT I guess). Hoping for good things for this one :slight_smile:

I just finished the game a few days ago and enjoyed it very much, but it’s definitely not the best Zelda game. It does everything right, but few things exceptionally. Still a fantastic game and is a great way to close the Wii’s chapter.

Fingers crossed. I am a little disillusioned to see that SS continues the relatively recent tradition of incredibly tedious filler tasks to pad out the length, like the light bugs (not the gold bugs, the ones you’re required to do) in TP or the Phantom dungeon you keep having to do in Hourglass. Apparently it’s Phantoms again.

May I ask how? Did you get a review copy?

That’s cool. You a reviewer?

What were the high points? Low points?


The best part of the game is how dense it is. There’s something to do at every corner, and now you’ll even find dungeon-style puzzles in the world itself. The controls also work very well, and actually make you feel like you’re wielding a sword at points. Also,t he fact that the game retained my interest for nearly 70 says wonders it and of itself.

Unfortunately, the game takes several hours to really pick up, and the game’s also bogged down by some fetch-quests at the end. I was also annoyed by the lack of a true day/night cycle (it only becomes night if you go to bed, meaning it’s possible to play most of the game without ever seeing it).

Overall, it’s a really great game, just lacks the inventiveness of the absolute best of the series (LTTP and MM, imo).

I was concerned when I first heard about the collecting Light Tears again too, but I must say it’s actually done very well in SS. They actually don’t take all that long to do (unlike the ones in Twilight Princess) and is actually a pretty unique and fun addition.

Well that’s a relief. Thanks!

You realize most sites don’t have Wii exclusive reviewers, right? IGN is one of the very few who operates that way (full disclosure: I’ve worked at IGN and several other gaming sites). If anything, they’re harder on Wii games because of it, considering as the decked is stacked against it from the get-go due to its technological limitations.

Red, where have you worked? Can we read your reviews anywhere?

How many dungeons were there in the game? Was the last dungeon really as good as IGN said(they said it was amazing)?

I’d rather not say, since I like being somewhat anonymous, though I can’t imagine it’d be terribly hard to find my current reviews. I worked at another pretty big site though =)

7, if my count is correct. The last dungeon is very good. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but there’s one particular mechanic in there that’s very inventive.