Legion of the Banned

I was looking at some of the very earliest threads and started noticing how many names had been banned.

Is their a thread in which every single poster has since been banned? If not, how close can we come to one?

Don’t you remember what Marley did?

Every thread was full of banned members. Too bad no one was around to see it.


If there is, you can call it “Banned of Brothers.”

So you’re asking for banned names?

Yes, let’s ban-dy about some banned names.

There are certainly one-post-only threads, usually by a drive-by spammer or troll who gets immediately banned. So there’s those. You may sometimes spot such a thread if you don’t blink, before the entire thread gets disappeared.

You guys should do a little searching. Some fine stuff comes up.

That was from 1999! Thread #3638.

What would be the point? So those in the group could say, “I’m with the banned?”

This one time, at banned camp…

The leader of the banned is tired, and his eyes are growing old; but his crankiness is legend’ry and his rants live in my soul.

For the win!

While we’re on the subject, I’m thinking we should put on some sort of benefit concert for those who no longer have the privelege of posting here.

Yes, it will be called “Banned Aid”.

Can we start groaning now, or do we have to wait for show time? :slight_smile:
(he said appreciatively)

Reminds me of that Anne Rice novel, Queen of the Banned.

Banned is the bond that binds them.

I am stuck on banned folks, 'cuz banned folks’re stuck on me.

Clearly, everyone has been skipping banned practice.

Cue The RubberBanned Man
“…its Fall at Hogwarts, but not everyone here has stocked up sufficiently at Diagon Alley…”

Banned on the run, banned on the run. . .that’s all I got.

When I read the thread title I thought it was a query about whether or not all the banned but formally prolific posters all gathered, Superfriends villain style, and plotted nefarious actions against the board.

Cuz that would be cool.