Legit or Scam?

So, yesterday I get in the mail a letter from “Joe Blo” Investigation Agency located in Florida (I lived there from 95-02).
The letter says I have unclaimed money in the amount of $3,059.42, gives my past Florida address, my social security number, and my past employer.
They want $62.50 of that money for recovering it for me and will send me a check for the balance of $3,059.42. They want no money up front.
HOWEVER, what they do want me to supply them with is a copy of my current driver’s license and social security card and to sign the copy of the recovery agreement they sent me.
To help verify they are “legit” they provide a link to licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us along with their license number. It matched.
They also say they are a certified attorney and gave me the link of www.flabar.org and their attorney number. It matched. They did however state “there will be a phone number provided on that link, but please don’t use it as it is the number for my law firm, not my P.I. Agency”.
The address to which they want me to mail the info to them is a physical address (non P.O.Box) and matches the attorney address.

So, Is this legit??
They’re not asking for any bank account info, credit card info, or money up front, but they are asking for a copy of my D.L. and S.S. and my signature which scares the crap out of me with all the identity theft scams going on (I did mention that they already have my S.S. number).

They told you not to call them?
They didn’t tell you the source of the “unclaimed money”?

This stinks to high heaven.

Big time. Apart from that, has anyone EVER charged a 2% finder’s fee?

Call the damned number. What are they going to do? “Sorry, we were going to give you the money and take our big 2%, but you called the number so now the deal is void.”


It’s probably legit. But I’d try this first:


My brother has also received such a letter. I’ll be watching this thread closely. He lives in Tennessee, but was also a former Floridian.

Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle!

I used the link that Random supplied and it gave me a 1-800 number to call. I just called them and they said “Yes, you have an unclaimed payroll check from your past employer for $3,121.92, would you like us to send you a claim form?”

Made my day! And the state doesn’t charge a finders fee!

How the heck did you end up with an unclaimed paycheck for $3,000? I think I’d notice that.

That’s pretty cool. Now I’d kind of feel guilty getting it from the state when the guy who actually tracked me down only wants ~$60. Damn my Minnesota-Nice upbringing!

Don’t feel guilty. These firms are on exactly the same level as those that repackage public domain government information and charge you for it.

Every state has a listing of people to whom money is owed. Companies buy these lists and try to make money for themselves off of people’s ignorance.

If you feel really guilty, then fight ignorance by buying somebody a membership to the Dope! :cool:

That is pretty freakin’ amazing. I notice the time difference between the OP and Hampshire telling us he fully resolved the question was 19 minutes. There are some incredibly amazing people on this Board, and Random, you’ve proven yourself to be one of the more amazing.

True, there are companies that abuse the process, but this one wanted to charge 2%. $62. And it tracked him down out of state, possibly using subscription databases to do so, drafted a letter and was prepared to fill out paperwork to process the claim. I’m having a hard time getting worked up about the way this company does business.
Hampshire, I’m glad the linked worked for you.

Maybe I should send Random a finders fee of $50.

The money I had coming occured when I was relocating to Minnesota and there was a lot of confusion back and forth of who was paying for the relo and getting reimbursed for the moving company, flights, apartment lease break, etc.
And I was staying with a friend in MN for a month before getting a permanent address.

It all will go to outstanding bills except for the $150 I just spent over the lunch hour to suprise my wife with Phantom of the Opera tickets.

Thanks, Mycroft!

No need, Hampshire, glad to help.

Wow. Just wow. This is so random. :stuck_out_tongue: