Lego Batman. Any good?

I’m planning to get this for the PS2 in December. Is it any good?

I hear there are 6 episodes instead of 3(3 hero and 3 villain). Does this mean the game is genuinely twice as long as the other Lego games? Or are the episodes shorter?

What are your thoughts?

My buddy got it and says it’s great. I’m heading over to his place tomorrow, so I can post more knowledgeably then.

I can say tho that so far ALL of the Lego games have been awesome. I have a hard time imagining that they would fail to knock this out of the park as well.

Having not played any of these Lego games, but being a Lego fan in general, can you tell me what specifically is so wonderful about them? I’ve heard nothing but good things, but I still have yet to play one. Is there something particularly about the game play or story telling? I assume it’s more than just characters being rendered in Lego.

the characters (and everything else) being made of Legos is very well done, and gives everything a look that reminds many of us of our childhood, thus helping the game atmosphere to be fun in a child-like gleeful sort of way.

The gameplay is very good, very responsive controls, and there is a lot off-screen in any shot to be discovered (like Super Mario Galaxy).

Unlocking new characters to play and new items is fairly easy, while the objectives for each “scene” grow harder and harder as you progress thru the story. There are, btw, A LOT of unlockable things/people in each game (I’ve played thru the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, FTR).

It’s hard to describe exactly, but the games are a lot of fun and offer a fair amount of replay value, since you are unlikely to unlock everything the first time thru. Also, failing and retrying levels (scenes) isn’t heartbreaking like in some games, it’s just a chance to have fun again.

Personally, I thought the IJ game was slightly better than the SW game, as if the makers had gotten better at what they were doing. So I have hopes that Batman is even better still.

I should prolly mention that I have only played these on the Wii and Xbox. I haven’t tried the DS versions, so I don’t know if scaling it all down hurts the game significantly or not. Yet.

My 10 y.o. son gives it a thumbs-up. (PS2)

I’ve got it for the 360 and have really enjoyed it. Star Wars is still my favorite.

In addition to what Snowboarder Bo says, there’s a strong sense of humor throughout the game. I’ve only played the Star Wars Complete Saga game, but it’s immensely entertaining, not only to see buildings and vehicles made of Legos but also for the way the story plays out. There’s no dialog, so much of the storytelling is done in clever pantomime, often taking liberties with the actual story where needed. (Off the top of my head is the scene where Vader pulls a family portrait out of his suit to show Luke he’s his father, but they diverge from the canon plot even further in other places.) They’re fun games with solid gameplay.

I have played every Lego game invented except for this one, and me and my six-year-old son enjoy the experience together. Dying in these game is akin to “aw, shucks” as you’re reborn less some Lego money, so you get to keep playing no matter what.

If you have kids that like Legos, I’m sure it’s good. All the Lego series games have been very satisfying, fun, humorous and easy to play.

It’s the ultimate parent/child video game. It’s harmless. We will get Batman very soon!

I’ve enjoyed Lego Star Wars: TCS but haven’t gotten to playing the other Lego games yet. Do the Lego Indy and Lego Batman games have the same features such as different characters being different classes? For example, in Lego Star Wars, some chars were the high jumpers, others were able to float/fly, etc.

Indiana Jones has the same idea, although the abilities are slightly different. In addition, every character is capable of fighting. I can’t speak for Batman yet, as my copy’s in the mail right now.

I guess it depends on how many chapters there are in each. I think IJ and SW 1 & 2 were both 3 x 6, and each one was a full movie.

Not sure how they’re doing that with Batman, since there aren’t 3 (or 6) movies in the new series.

Indiana Jones adds a ton of new classes. A lot of them are character specific (A lot of areas are only accessible via use the whip as a swing, and only Indy has a whip, for example). Some abilities are gear specific - any character can pick up a shovel to dig for artifacts, but some characters (like Salah) always have a shovel. A couple characters have dual abilities. Willie, like all female characters, can high jump, but she also has a scream ability that can shatter glass, which gives you access to some otherwise inaccessible treasures. Plus, you can upgrade her scream so that it kills people.

There’s also the same kind of short characters (like Short Round). No flyers/hoverers like R2 though. And there’s a pretty silly “class” that can talk to statues and make them do stuff. Which is lame.

Some of the Nazis have really awesome weapons though. There’s one level where I got killed at least 50 times in one area. It was great!

They’re actually Kali worshippers, and they can pray at a statue of Kali to get it to reveal secret doors and artifacts. The fact that this kid’s game not only allows, but in some places requires you to play Nazis and death cultists is one of the more awesome things about it.

For those playing on the PC, be aware there is an area where if you’re playing at a high screen resolution you simply can not progress.

Generically described (to avoid spoilers) when you have to divert exploding stuff towards a target, switch to a lower screen resolution: else they’ll explode too early to do any good.

I did find jumping in this game to be more of a pain than in previous LEGO games. Remembering to hold down the jump key for gilder-characters helps, but there are still a few areas where not only getting the right spot to stand can be tricky, but guiding the character in the right direction isn’t easy either.

(And yes, I’ve finished all of the story levels and am now going back through in Free Play mode. Haven’t found everything yet, but I’m working on it!)

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My girlfriend really wants it. She loves Lego Star Wars and Lego Indy, but they tend to frustrate me very easily. I think it’s because I think of them as platformers first and foremost, and thus lots of things about the level design annoys me, though those annoyances would be lessened if there was a movable 360 camera. Though some of the puzzles I also find quite annoying. I tend to think that at least what you’re supposed to do should be fairly obvious, even if you have to work on the solution.

So, Lego Batman will be bought, and it will be played, and I will often be rather unhappy playing it coop with her.

This is still my main question about the game.

I know it has 6 “episodes”, 3 for the heroes and 3 for the villains, but did they shrink the average length of a level in order to make the game about the same length as Star Wars and Indiana Jones?

Or is it much longer?

Lego Batman does not follow any of the Batman movies for a story. It has an original story, where Batman & Robin have to fight against ALL of the classic arch-enemies (Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two Face, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, etc.) because they have effectively taken over Gotham City.

Played last night for 3 hours, and had a blast.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun playing a video game, and especially to anyone with kids. The co-op mode is great fun.*

*In fact, the most fun I have with these games is watching my buddy and his 8 year old son play. Blue Elk and Kid Elk are fun to watch, especially since Kid Elk doesn’t always do what he should, or what he’s told. The hilarity for me is in watching my buddy get frustrated with not only the game but with his kid! Great fun! :smiley:

This is what I find happening to me with my son. We’re trying to accomplish something and he’s got a case of wanderlust…I’m all “Hey buddy, we need to go this way!”