Lego Star Wars kicks ass. That is all.

I’ve been playing them for a while, and they are just about the most fun I’ve had gaming in a while. SW geek fun, nostalgia Lego joy…there must be a catch. Anyone else playing them?

Not yet, but I do plan to.

Is it the first game? The first game covers episodes I, II and III. The second game just came out ad covers the original trilogy. Both games are supposed to be pretty good. I had the first game in my hand today thinking about buying it for $19. I probably should have bought it.

I’ve got the first game and it was the best co-op game my son and I have played in a long time. I’ve been wanting to get the second but am willing to wait until the price drops.

adam yax, the first one is definitely worth $19. You should pick it up.

I played the first one (eps I, II & III) and it was silly fun. I bought it for my seven year old son but I managed to play all the way through it one weekend while he was away :smiley:

He’s all jazzed up about the second one but I told him it was a Christmas list type of item so we’re both forced to wait a couple more months yet.

I got the new one the other day. For thirty bucks, which is to say a bit over half of what the average game I buy costs, it’s a heck of a bargain. Tons of fun for pretty much everyone.

Play it? I was lead test for it!

Best video game I ever worked on.

I’m waiting for my kids to develop the hand-eye coordination…then co-op will be FUN. Right now it’s more ‘Play Star Wars Legos, Daddy!’ followed by me playing it more than I really want to.

Sucks that I left the kids with the controllers and they magically hit the right buttons to delete the savegame where I completed everything…but what are ya gonna do?

Oh, and count me firmly in the Love It camp.

Wow, that’s pretty cool! Which one, the original, or the recent sequel?

I can’t get past the Clone Trooper Gunship level in the Ep 2 section. I’ve never been any good at video games… :frowning:

I just traded in my PS2 and all the games (including SW Lego) the other day. I did love that game and am looking forward to picking up the new one when I get a new console.

Love this game. Love it, love it, love it.

Aside from MarioKart Double Dash, this was the first game I bought that Kizarvexilla and I could play together. Now that she doesn’t need me to shepherd her through, and has access to the Invincible setting, she’s getting along pretty well on her own. Of course, now she’s getting all of the second grade girls in our apartment complex addicted to it. It’s a good thing that in the Free Play setting, more than one player can use the same character, or we’d have an “I wanna be Padme” catfight every day.

Methinks the new release will be the gift of choice for Kizarvexilla’s birthday in November.

And…I believe you can use the “new” characters like Padme in the “old” movies. Haven’t tried it, but it seems very likely.

Only tiny quibble is the useless but cool looking Imperial Spy, who you can buy.

A hearty echo of the rave reviews. I have both games (and yes, the first Lego Star Wars cast is importable).

Fun to play for any game level, and the cutscenes are a riot.

I’m pretty sure Han gets to shoot first, but I’d have to double check. :smiley:

They conveniently left out the Luke/Leia/Han triangle, though. (For obvious reasons, but it was still amusing to see that they totally glossed over that part. But I guess it would have been hard to pantomime: “Oh, by the way, Leia, I’m your brother and Darth Vader is your father.”)


I picked up the second one the day it came out. (Too bad there wasn’t a freebie item like with the first one: Wal-Mart carried a special edition with a magnetic Lego Darth Vader. But Target was giving out a $5 gift card with purchase.)

Sat down to play…

…ya know, I should get some dinner…

…mmm, meebe I should take a break and take my shower…

blink WTF? It’s 4:00 AM? :eek:!

Even though overall it’s a relatively short game, it ranks high on replay value. Not to mention the character combinations you can make. All hail Darth Bob!

<< The attention span of a computer is as long as its electrical cord. >>

The original, and just the GameCube version. Haven’t played the second one yet. I’ve been busy with Okami and Company of Heroes.

Whatever you do, avoid the Nintendo DS port – it was rushed out the door by LucasArts even though there were known bugs left unfixed that make the game completely unplayable. :mad:

Sounds like every version of KOTOR II…

Does anyone else have a color problem with the Bactra tank on the PC version?

My son says he builds a white character but the character turns blue when put into play. This drives him nuts.

He says he now needs a PS2 version because of the color glitch! (He’s 8)

My almost-seven year old loves them both (Nintendo GameCube). He especially likes the new one, where you can interchange heads and bodies- right now his favorite character has a Darth Vader helmet and Princess Leia’s brass bikini torso!


I’m at about 97% completion on the second (new) game. I’m the kind of person who likes to get all the characters/extras in a game etc. The nice feature on this one is that you can never miss something and never get the opportunity to get it again (like in FF games), you just go for it again.

It was a little tedious getting enough studs to buy all the stud multiplier extras, but since they stack, I can now get a X3840 multiplier on studs collected. Needless to say, I is rich.