Lego Masters US season 2

As a fan of LEGO, I want to like this show, but the reality TV aspects are too much for me to overcome. Watching with the mute button ready does help.
I do think the dragon float was really cool.


I love this show.

The dragons were great! I thought the paint cans and the Rapunzel tower were eh.

I don’t mind the reality TV aspects because at least they’re pretty tongue-in-cheek about it. I think Will Arnett is the perfect host for a show like this.

Anyway, the twin dragons were amazing and I got sympathetic pangs of anxiety watching the other teams dread having to follow that!

That dragon was awesome! It really wasn’t even that complex a build, but it was a great concept that was perfectly executed.

Loved it! You would think that the builders would have taken some time to learn about the motors for Legos beforehand, and know how much they can support, how often they can rotate, and their capacity when working together.

Dead smack in the center of a competition is not the time to “Lets try something new! Motors!”.

The dragons were balanced, had the limited movement capable of being produced by the motors, and worked in sync. The concept that those huge butterfly wings could have been moved by the itty-bitty motors is laughable - unless they used one motor per brick, and then it would have been horrible.

I can’t wait for further in the season, when more competitors are gone, so we can see the logic and reasoning behind their builds, brick choice, and weight allowances.

Hi there. I made a thread of the first season’s finale (didn’t have the will to do any more). Has anything improved since then?

(I caught a few seconds of the second episode, saw Will Arnett wisecrack about the prize being $100,001, ha ha just kidding, and immediately noped half a mile away. I freaking hate him.)

Okay, watching Legos blow up is fun. I know they all must have gotten a class in the explosives but they were still impressive explosions to me.

I loved that frog. I love that every other team was like “damn! How do we beat that?”

I think the right people went home.

Oh, I disagree with who went home. I didn’t care for them, but the rules for the contest were that they needed “the hero pose” for the figurine. The one green figure fell down, so they didn’t meet the rules. They should have gone home.

Other than that, the slime and water explosions were pretty boring.