Lego Worlds

I got it on Steam a few days ago for $29.99. I hadn’t played any early release versions and it is quite impressive. I had only played Minecraft for a few minutes in the past though I’ve seen a lot of Minecraft videos. BTW it took me quite a while to learn how to catch “trouble makers”. They’re a green monster that carry a brick that poke their tongue out at you then run away. How to catch them: Use the Landscape Tool to dig a small pit beneath them then hold “W” to run towards them then tap “E”
to leap at them and grab them.

I like how you can fly in your rocket to visit many differently themed worlds (though sometimes I come across the same theme twice). I’ve got 15 gold bricks at the moment and I can’t even customize my appearance any further than the 2 astronauts you start with. I’m looking forward to visiting cities with lots of buildings and streets with cars.

Just downloaded it (PS4). It looks like it should be cool, we shall see.

Picked up a PC copy for myself from cdkeys for about A$16 (around US$12) and a PS4 copy for my boys at a local shop. Good fun so far.

If you use your discovery tool on the minifigs that give you gold brick quests you should be able to use their parts to customise yourself.

I’ve had it for a couple of years and still haven’t been able to figure out what the point is.

Just create stuff I guess. Similar to Minecraft.

You can also use that discovery tool for minifigs quests that don’t give you a gold brick - e.g. spawning some animals for them or giving them an object they want. Then when you purchase the minifig you can use it for your appearance. It doesn’t seem to work for generic town minifigs though… when you try to spawn them they generate minifigs with a random appearance.

I found a town! The map had things like a candy land and Egypt but the map info said it contained one town so I eventually found it. It was a modern town with lots of streets with little cars. I could go into all of the buildings and interact with things. One thing I really like about the game is how you can climb anything - you can even hang from the ceiling.

How to save some money: when using the discover tool to discover something like an animal, vehicle or minifig, etc, use it a second time so that you don’t have to manually pay for the object later to unlock it.

It has been a bit buggy. For example, I had a quest to build some criminal a hideout and after I got the relevant plans, built them, and receive the reward, I found the same crim again wanting me to build another hideout, in the same spot, on top of the one that was already there.

Just picked this up a couple weeks ago. Put in a few marathon sessions. Great fun. Love LEGO.

But here’s the odd thing about this game: they clearly intend for you to earn gold bricks and studs by exploring and completing quests, but OTOH they also give you these neat tools with which you can create, remove, alter, move, or copy just about anything in the game. So instead of running around the extensive cave systems for hours searching for hidden treasure chests, I use the convenient build tool to just remove huge blocks of ground, going further and further down until I reach the chest. There’s also this neat glitch that lets you copy anything, like treasure chests, but that’s just a glitch (I think).

Do you think it’s intentional they gave you tools to “cheat” the game, or was it an oversight? It’s been out for a while now, had it been a mistake I’d imagine they’d have fixed it by now. I suppose it’s just the nature of the type of game they were creating; you can’t make a game that allows players to alter anything in the world, AND have a story/goals that ask the player to only use those tools in a specific way, without those two things conflicting each other at some point. I guess they just decided to live with it as-is. Works for me. :wink: