Leif Ericson in Massachusetts

I don’t think the original report mentioned it:

but there’s a statue of ol’ Leif on “Charlesbank West” (actually, on the green strip of Commonwealth Avenue to the west of Massachusetts Avenue – where there’s no jogging/bike path) standing in a rather stubby little Viking ship.

I think that’s the same one I mentioned. I bookmarked a page with a lot of information about it, but the link doesn’t work any more. Try this one: http://cartography.geog.uu.nl/eriksson/files/boston.html

really good job, bibliophage. a very enjoyable read.

I hope I don’t tick off the master, but I thought the staff report had a lot more substance (read: answered the question) more than some canonical columns of late.

I wonder how long before I’m banned…

The Leif Erikson statue referenced above (thanks for the picture link) looks kinda effeminate for a reason – it was considered inappropriate for the female sculptor to have a man pose for her, so instead she got a woman friend to do the duty. So if you think that the mustache on the statue looks kind of pasted on… it is.