Lemon, lime & bitters

I came across this drink while reading on Angostura bitters. Apparently considered a soft drink due to the small amount of bitters.Has anyone tried it? Walmart lists it but out of stock.

Walmart? Like, you’d pay someone to shake some bitters in lemon and lime (juice or soda)?

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been drinking lemon juice and lime juice in 7-up or lemon Lacroix, with about eight dashes of Angostura bitters. Yummm… makes staying hydrated painless, but it also makes for a refreshing non-alcoholic Cocktail Hour.

Never thought about making my own but that seems to be the recipe for official Angostura product. I’ll give it a try.How much lime do you use?

LLB is a pretty standard drink here in Australia. There are lots of recipes around (example), but be aware that ‘lemonade’ in Australia and ‘lemonade’ in the US are different - Australian lemonade is clear, closer to Sprite, I guess.

Basically, it is lemonade, Rose’s Lime Cordial and some shakes of bitters. That sounds like it would be great in the summer.

If you are lucky enough to have Bundaberg brewed soft drinks in your country, and a wider range than just the ginger beer, try some of their Lemon, Lime, and Bitters.

Years and years ago, a barmaid suggested tonic water and bitters as a remedy for queasiness. Of course, it might have been just the fizz that relieved the pressure, so to speak.

Yes, that is a wonderful beverage, so refreshing. I can find it in Cost Plus.

World Market also carries it on occasion.

Is there a recipe for Australian lemonade or is sprite/7Up good enough?

This is so weird – I’ve never heard of this before, then I went downstairs, and there’s some sitting on the island in the kitchen. We just had an Australian guy staying with us (he left this morning) – I guess he picked it up at World Market or something.

Damn, now I must get me some of that Bundaberg version. I love their ginger beer, after all

Isn’t it actually "Cost Plus World Market?

Anyway, the Bundaberg version is quite good. But it’s really easy to concoct yourself- you can get everything from any normal grocery store, and you have the bonus of using fresh juices if you do it that way.