Leo DiCaprio wishes now he'd done "Boogie Nights" instead of "Titanic." So do we.

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With the exception of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Catch Me If You Can,” I can’t think of one single role Leo has been in that wouldn’t have been better with someone else playing it.

I’m personally glad he didn’t take Boogie Nights. I wish he hadn’t taken Gangs of New York, either.

Love this excerpt:

It did, Leo. I never before believed that anyone so massively hyped could be so unbelievably mediocre.

Your title is a little misleading. We don’t actually wish he’d done Boogie Nights, we just wish he hadn’t done Titanic.

I disagree. It was easy to be annoyed with Leo’s performance in *Titanic * in the wake of all the hype and screaming teen girls, but if you just watch his performance in the movie, it’s exactly what it should be … winning, energetic, and cocky. I think this comes across best in the scene at the first-class dinner table.

“Titanic” may have ruined his career and potential as a serious actor, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t one to start with.

I think DiCaprio is a pretty good actor. He takes interesting roles (a hell of a lot more interesting than, say, Tom Cuise) and is very natural. He makes it look easy.

He held his own with Tom Hanks in “Catch Me” and with Daniel Day Lewis in “Gangs”. They had the kind of chemistry that you don’t even notice, and that’s not easy.

I didn’t see “Gilbert Grape” but I never think its too hard to act handicapped/blind/autistic anyway.

I don’t think he’s really complete, since I’ve never really seen him do comedy (as we’ve seen from, say, Hanks or De Niro or Nick Cage) and his small attempts at it in movies typically fall with a thud.

I could have seen him in “Boogie Nights”.

Obviously Scorcese, Danny Boyle, Spielberg, Woody Allen, Baz Luhrman, Sam Raimi, and James Cameron like him. But who are they?

**The Man In The Iron Mask ** was so poorly acted. Even the good actors gave bad performances. There are two possibilities. Either the director really screwed with the actors’ performances, or Leo is so bad that he sucked the talent out of his costars. Kind of like a talent black hole. Both he and his love interest in that film could have been replaced by mannequins with no loss of performance. Sure, they’re both attractive. But surely they can find actors with looks AND ability.

His range of physical expressiveness is quite decent. He can be intense, charming, whimsical etc. His physical performance is usually quite convincing unless he’s in a shitty project or has to rely on CGI too much (like when he had to confront and react to the sight of his “twin” in the Man in the Iron Mask (painful to watch that “awed emoting”).

Indeed, he can hold his own as a physical actor.

But dammit, when he opens his mouth…

I think he’s a really good actor. I haven’t seen Catch Me If You Can nor Gangs of New York, but I loved his performance in Gilbert Grape. He was good in Titanic and The Beach, and he was great as Philippe in The Man In The Iron Mask while being not-so-good as Louis in the same film. I even thought he was decent in The Quick and The Dead.

The problem is that he somehow, even after his work in Gilbert Grape managed to get niched as a Hollywood prettyboy.

Maybe he can do the male version of The Miracle Worker… Leo DiCaprio as Herbert Keller!

an aside to Trunk, who said “I didn’t see “Gilbert Grape” but I never think its too hard to act handicapped/blind/autistic anyway” - Well, generally, I’d agree with you, but you really should watch his performance in this movie. It is, indeed, fantastic. And, as a bonus, you get to see a great performance by Johnny Depp too.

I agree that Gilbert Grape was a real deal performance from DiCaprio. His scenes with Johnny Depp were fantastic.

He’s also shown some a lot of courage in some of his roles. Not too may teen idol types would take films that not only show the full Monty but show the star cornholing another man as well (Total Eclipse).

It’s hard to argue that he didn’t do what he was paid to do in Titanic which was play a romantic male lead and charm the women in the audience.

He’s also walked through some roles but a lot of great actors have done that. I think Leo always has the potential to knock one out of the park. Maybe the Howard Hughs movie will be his masterpiece…or maybe not. Gangs of New York was a little disappointing for Scorsese and DiCaprio got acted off the screen by Daniel Day Lewis in that film. I think the writing was largely to blame for that, though. Leo’s character was very underwritten.

I always thought he was good in The Basketball Diaries. But he was a kid then I guess. I never saw Titanic but it’s hard for me to imagine Leonardo acting like he had a big dick because of the Titanic aura.

Leo makes up for missing out on “Boogie Nights” by wearing a special Dirk Diggler extra-long penis prosthesis everywhere he goes!

Add me to those who think DiCaprio is a good actor. Unfortunetly his legacy may end up being Titanic and the screaming girls.

I think he’s talented, but he got Superstaritis… when a star gets so big that a director becomes afraid to be tough on him, fearing that Superstarboy will walk off the set. So he gets half-assed direction, doesn’t have the right kind of talent to rip up a performance unaided, and then gets a reputation as a bad actor.

Dustin Hoffman made it look easy, but I don’t think it is. Try cringing your way through Juliette Lewis in The Other Sister sometime. The voice she uses for her mentally handicapped character is the same one that school kids use to make fun of retarded people. Two hours worth… ugh.

I think DiCaprio’s performance in Gilbert Grape is overrated. Half of his characterization (the physical and the sudden verbal outbursts) was of a mental and emotional age of about 4-5 years old or younger, yet the pronounciation of his entire vocabulary was unflawed. He didn’t slur any words, drop any endings, have any mispronounciations or nicknames for things or people. He didn’t even have a hint of an accent. (And I don’t just mean the accent of the southern setting- very often mentally handicapped people have unique-to-themselves accents due to pronounciation quirks.) I could see it for a Rainman type of character, but there was no hint that “Arnie” was anything other than a child in his development. It bugged me a lot.

I really wanted to hate DiCaprio, if not for *Titanic * then for the fact that around that time he was Hollywood’s golden boy. But despite myself, I really liked him in The Man in the Iron Mask and Romeo and Juliet.

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I’ve only seen two scenes from Titanic: the scene where Kate Winslet gets nekkid and the scene where Leo’s character dies.

I think I’ve seen the best parts, so why bother with the rest? :smiley:
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Am I the only person here who saw This Boy’s Life? He played opposite DeNiro in that, to the same effect that Trunk mentioned re: Hanks and Day-Lewis. I knew he was going places then (1993).

Unfortunately, as SPOOFE said, he rose too high, too fast, to keep his ego in check. But that doesn’t make him a bad actor. I find no fault in his performances in Basketball Diaries or Catch Me If You Can. That said, however, I can’t see anyone but Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, and certainly not him.